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Hardest thing iv ever had to do

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Joey10, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Joey10

    Joey10 PetForums Newbie

    Dec 1, 2019
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    E8CA021D-0352-4307-8478-9F7C0845020F.jpeg 9DC4A146-B520-4100-9BC6-B9C2AFE6A002.jpeg B220150C-1BEB-4EA8-9B9C-9143DE5CB374.jpeg 66F5DAA4-C764-4544-B99B-7940D3D4E8B0.jpeg 9DC4A146-B520-4100-9BC6-B9C2AFE6A002.jpeg B220150C-1BEB-4EA8-9B9C-9143DE5CB374.jpeg EF28D81F-712A-4F82-A6F2-A46FF0721275.png D8312CE6-1D93-473F-9831-338EBE5742B5.jpeg 66F5DAA4-C764-4544-B99B-7940D3D4E8B0.jpeg 10162C86-9B19-429E-A608-54044BE9325C.jpeg Hello guys Iv never done anything like this before but this is something I have to get off my chest

    two months ago my brother came home after talking to his friend about becoming dog breeders they had big plans about starting a dog kennel business after finding out how much money some breeders make

    so he came home and told me about their big plans I tried to remind him that we have zero experience with dogs till two months ago I hadn’t even touched a dog and nor had he honestly neither of us knew the first thing about dogs but his mate and “business partner” had convinced him it was easy and when I tried to voice my opinion and concerns I got told I’m jealous and he didn’t want my negativity around him after him saying that I took a step back and let him crack on..

    So three days later he brought the most beautiful 8 week old lilac tan french bulldog when the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen I instantly feel in love with him i had never seen a puppy before he comes from a famous bloodline and my brother paid top money for him excess of 3k and his mate had done the same but obviously a female and from a different kennel

    So 30 minutes in to being dog owners the pup decided to pee on the cream carpet and that was one of the concerns I did point out to my brother that we live in a carpeted flat with no garden but anyways what do I know so the dogs urinated on the carpet and iv looked over to my brother and said better get used to that mate and he laughed awkwardly I think he thought the puppy would be born with potty training all ready in its locker

    Two days in now and I had been with the pup constantly as my brother carried on with his life like normal and left me with all the responsibility and I noticed a change in the pup he stopped eating and drinking and I was sorry worried about him I slept on the sofa watching him all night and i could see he was struggling to breath and his eyes were rolling back I rang my brother to tell him something is wrong with the dog and he was basically like your over thinking it and I’m paranoid after a few more minutes i picked the dog up and tried to make him stand up and he had just collapsed over it was so distressing just thinking about it is making my heart sink

    After seeing him collapse I rang the emergency vets it was around 7pm and got told to take him straight to the vets it turns out his blood sugar level had dropped from not eating and that was because of the fact he had just left his mum and four brothers and sisters and the new environment and all the rest of the big changes poor little fella had a bit of depression but after a few days he was back to his normal self oh I forgot to mention the day we got him I got pet insurance out but it wasn’t valid until two weeks after taking it out so that out of hours trip cost 240 quid

    After that I noticed the dog had become extremely attached to me he was with me like my shadow when I would brush my teeth he would be sat on the floor watching me to the end of the day when I took him to bed with me so a weeks gone by and iv hardly slept because he would sleep in between my legs on top of my duvet I ended up ringing the breeder and asking for advice and he told me to get him a crate and put a blanket over it the boy cried for five minutes and after that he was as good as gold every night

    at 12 weeks old he got his last vacations and was ready for walks I’d take him every day and he loved it even started pooing outside on his second walk and did it in the same place every morning but then as the weeks went by he stopped using the training pads inside the flat and would just pee every where and started crewing and eating the training pads and door frames and sideboards and started suffering from a real bad case of separation anxiety

    He had taken over my life completely I couldn’t do things I would normally do like go out with my girlfriend on the evenings for meals and cinema the usual stuff it ended up getting so I couldn’t even get in the shower and putting him in the crate for ten minutes with out him braking to the point he would loose his voice it was getting out of hand I had no idea this breed could be so needy

    I was coming home during my work shift luckily enough my jobs quite flexible that it allowed me to do that I’d come home two or three time during the day to see to him as by now my brother had started resenting him and not bothering he had realised this wasn’t going to be a quick and easy money earner like I had tried to explain to him in the first place before he had gone and got him he had left me with all the responsibility from feeding him cleaning him walking and all the rest from pretty much day one

    This whole situation has took its tole on me and my life I love this boy to bits can’t even put it into words I never knew I could love a dog but at the same time I need my life back Iv had hardly any help from anyone in my household with him everyone still goes out every evening leaving me with the dog and then having the cheek to moan the house is a state they expect me to feed the dog three times a day walk him and be with him all day and on top of that keep the house clean iv tried my hardest I really have considering it was meant to be my brothers dog and I didn’t have a say in the matter at all I just got him lumped on me

    This evening I feel so guilty and heartbroken but I’m fed up of all the arguing in the house my brothers been saying for weeks he can sell him and get his money back because that’s all he seems to think about and not considering I have a major bound with the dog which he doesn’t seem to understand at all so iv been putting him off from selling him and trying harder and harder every week to make it work but iv come to the conclusion that nobody is going to help me with him and I can’t do this by my self having him is a full time job and trying to do it single handily and juggling my own life is near on impossible

    So tonight he’s going to a new home I feel gutted i honestly do feel so guilty and the thought of him being sad and missing me is like a knife in the heart pains me to think he was meant to be a part of our family but he wasn’t brought out of love he was brought in the soul intention of making money which may i say I am strongly against and if anyone reading this is thinking of buying a dog to make money off of you need to have a long hard look in the mirror because a dog is a big commitment and should be a part of your family and upon getting one and bringing it into your house hold it should be till death do us part

    but that’s pretty much it guys I had to get this off my chest and also warn people thanks for reading
  2. Beth78

    Beth78 PetForums VIP

    Jul 4, 2019
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    I'm so sorry you were put in this situation, you must be in alot of pain.
    Hopefully you're little man has gone to a good home that will love him as much as you do.
    I would be eternally angry at my brother if he did this to me, that was a very selfish thing to do in so many ways.
    All the best.
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  3. Darkangelwitch

    Darkangelwitch Princess Shona

    Mar 16, 2016
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    Take comfort that you have done the right thing for the puppy, he has gone to a home that can give him what he needs. You tried in very difficult circumstances that were out of your control. I salute you for your very tough decision x
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  4. catz4m8z

    catz4m8z PetForums VIP

    Aug 27, 2008
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    Sounds like you did the best you could given the circumstances were out of your control. Im sure he has gone to a good home (if for no other reason then how much he must of cost!).
    Perhaps some day in the future you would be in the position to get a dog of your own, sounds like you were a caring owner.
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  5. Sairy

    Sairy PetForums VIP

    Nov 22, 2016
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    I'm sorry you were put in this position, but at least you have found a good home for the pup. Normally the advice would be to return the pup to the breeder, but I'm guessing the breeder didn't have this clause in their contract when the pup was sold? Sad though it is, take comfort in the fact that the pup will most likely bounce back pretty quickly and settle into his new home.

    I hope your brother never decides to purchase an animal again.
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  6. Blitz

    Blitz PetForums VIP

    Feb 12, 2009
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    Well done for looking after your brother's pup for so long. He will be fine in his new home, pups are very resilient and though he will be confused for a day or so he will soon settle in. Hopefully his new owners are more experienced and know what they are taking on. You are bound to feel some guilt at the situation but you did the best you could for the pup so you should be proud of yourself.

    I hope your brother never gets another dog. I hope he does not decide an adult dog would be better as he could earn money quicker! If he does then I suggest you completely ignore the dog and see what happens, hard though it would be. Has his 'business partner' still got his bitch pup.
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  7. Burrowzig

    Burrowzig PetForums VIP

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Does your brother realise what a total twonk he is? He acts like a 10 year old. He looks like a young man (that's him in one of the photos?) but clearly has a lot of growing up to do.
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