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Hamster food?

Discussion in 'Rodents' started by Nyah626, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Nyah626

    Nyah626 PetForums Member

    Jul 23, 2017
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    So before i get my next hammie there's a lot of things i want to do to make sure that my care is even better than before and the best it can be right now. One of the things I want to look into making my own food because i know that commercial food isn't very good. I've only really started doing research about hamster food recently so I hardly know anything, please excuse my lack of knowledge because at the moment I'm really dumb in regards to this subject but i plan to change that!! Anyway, tangent aside, I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Germany about how i want to learn more about hamster nutrition (is that the correct term? 'hamster nutrition'?) and she gave me a recipe that she said was really good. (the recipe is for Syrian hamsters btw)

    The recipe is:
    Recipe from a homepage (www.diebrain.de)
    200g mixture of grains
    100g small seeds (in total)
    Max. 30g oilseeds.
    30g millet types
    30-40g other small seeds
    100g multigrain flakes
    100g dried vegetables
    ~80g insects
    100g dried herbs
    50g nuts/kernels/treats

    Grains: oat flakes/oat grains/oat panicles, kamut, barley, rye, emmer wheat, millet spray, buckwheat, green oat
    Oilseeds: niger, sufflower, perilla, linseed, chia seed, hemp, poppy, sesame, camelina
    Millet types: yellow, red, green, Japanese, panicum millet
    Other small seeds: buckwheat (peeled), amaranth, dandelion, fenugreek seeds, fennel, dill, parsley, chervil, lucerne, daisy seeds, milk thistle
    Multigrain flakes: (starch can be better utilised from flakes) oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, rye flakes, rice flakes, corn flakes (sugar free)
    Dried vegetables: broccoli, zucchini/courgette, carrot chips, parsnip, celery cubes, beetroot cubes, …
    Dried insects: mealworms, (freshwater shrimps), crickets, house crickets, larva of the Bombyx mori moth
    Dried herbs: floral leaves of sunflowers, camomile, marigold, cornflowers; blackberry leaves, dill, daisies, hazelnut leaves, shepherd’s purse, balm, parsley (not for pregnant ones), peppermint leaves, yarrow, ribwort herb, chickweed
    Treats: (every 3 days one nut) sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, pecans, corn grains, rice flakes, pea flakes, dried sunflower roots

    1-2 tablespoons daily, scattered and not in a bowl
    Fresh fodder daily

    Does this look right? I'm going to try to learn more myself and see if it's good but I'd really appreciate it if someone who knew what they're talking about could tell me what they think about it.
    Another thing is that I've been looking at where i can get the different ingredients(?) for the food and i can't find any dried vegetables to buy, do i just buy normal vegetables and dry them myself? I'm really clueless
    So yeah, i think that's all i wanted to ask for now... i hope i made sense lol. I'm sorry if I've said something really dumb but right now i don't really know anything about hamster nutrition but i really want to learn so that i can give my next hamster the best life i could possibly provide :)
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