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Halp! House trained dog started peeing daily in new office...

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Orsi, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Orsi

    Orsi PetForums Newbie

    Jun 27, 2017
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    Hi there! I'm having a problem with my 10 year old terrier/chihuahua mix...He's been my dog for over 3 years and has always been really good about not peeing inside, except a couple occasions when it was my fault for not taking him out often enough because I was really sick or something.

    He comes to work with me every day, and my company recently moved offices. The old office had a back garden where he had a specific bathroom spot, and it was often available to him because we kept the door open during nice weather. The new office is deeper in the city, with no garden, but we got a carpet sort of away from where people actually work and nobody can see him, and he started to pee on it almost daily, now sometimes several times a day.

    I take him for a long walk in the morning before we go to work, and take him out during lunch and around coffee time at 3pm. However, he's actually barely peeing outside around our office, barely marking, but seems to almost wait to go when I bring him back inside, when I'm not watching him. He even pooped there once!

    I asked for help from my vet, and she just told me to "limit his access" to that part of the carpet and clean it with Nature's Miracle spray...there is no real way to limit his access to the spot, and the spray doesn't seem to discourage him from going there.

    How do I stop this behavior and let him know it's not okay? I'm really scared that my boss will get mad at me if it keeps happening and tell me I can't bring him in anymore (he's been tolerating it so far because he loves the dog too, but it's getting to the point where I'm cleaning up pee a couple of times a day!)...I don't want to be the kind of dog owner who leaves her dog home for 9-10 hrs a day, that would be devastating to the poor pup, he loves working with me, it's been his routine since I had him.
  2. Lurcherlad

    Lurcherlad PetForums VIP

    Jan 5, 2013
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    He is probably feeling anxious at the change in his surroundings.

    Did you just carry on as normal when you moved or gently introduce him to the new place?

    I would try going back to basics with him and have lots of toilet breaks with praise and treats and perhaps use a pen so you have some control over where he goes within the office when you can't give him 100% focus.

    Put the pen on top of a sheet of plastic, just in case and put his bed, food, water, chews, etc. in with him to help him settle.

    Clean the area with a biological solution and rinse well to remove all residue and odour. Temporarily block access with a table or chair if you an.
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