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gumtree advert

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by davehyde, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. davehyde

    davehyde Banned

    Jul 13, 2009
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    ok i know this is a con but i like to answer these adverts and wind the people up ans stuff.

    well i got a better idea now.
    i have posted the reply to my enquiry and their mobile number is there too. so lets all txt them and tell them we know they are con artists and to pi$$ off somewhere else as they are obviously not british. but they are over here trying to con us.

    this is their reply.

    Hi there
    thanks for you interest to our lovely babies
    They are male and female,11weeks old.
    They are champion bloodline,KC registered,vet check , updated
    in all shots.well tamed and potty trained, good associate with kids
    and other house hold pets also simple to learn and all still available
    adoption.but we can not consider that you are taking one or two of
    them till you proof that by providing answers to these few challenges
    have you been looking after pets before ?
    do you have kids?
    are you a breeder?
    can you dis crib me the nature of you home?
    can you take proper care of the pet you want to adopt??
    where are you located?
    how many puppies will you need?
    when will you like the puppy to be delivered?
    what is your phone number?
    All these most be answer before we know if you will have it or
    not.As you have already seen in the ad, the puppies are free adoption.
    I and my partner decided to give them that way to good homes that can
    promise the best for the puppies because we also bought their mom and
    dad from one Mr Mack last year for a moderate price hence as God
    fearing people,we know is unfair to sell them high.we are presently
    living in Scotland at the moment this is because i work with W..H.O
    so we were send there for a health campaign that will last for about
    18 months so i and my partner just move to the area.so if you are not
    near to come and pick up the puppy,a delivery can be possible to your
    home and am sure that will cost just 120pounds as we spent just little
    to bring them to our home last year.waiting your soonest reply, you
    can still get in contact with me through 07023087598
  2. thedogsmother

    thedogsmother PetForums VIP

    Aug 28, 2008
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    Wow bargain where do I send my £120:lol:
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