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I know its only been a few days but Im a little worried about Remy and Benny ..
They are so quiet.

They are eating but mechanically .. Whenever they would have fish the boys would all come running in from the kitchen wagging tails and rubbing their faces on anything and anyone so if you didnt want fishy legs it was best not to be here on fish day! This time they ate and then both of them just wandered in laid down and went back to sleep...

Esp at night Remy wanders round the bedroom and whines a bit before settling into his own bed..
And he is sticking to me like glue again, my velcro dog is back with a vengance. ( I cant even go to the loo without company)
Benny is much more withdrawn and keeps hiding in his kennel. He isnt even running out when I bought home shopping or when we clear the dinner plates which he always does.
Their tails are drooping like limp flags and they are not interested in anything.

They are walking ok but the first thing they do when they get back is run full pelt into the living room heads up looking round then when they see Oscar isnt here the tails go down and ear drop and they just go to their beds ..
They also havent barked once this week , I know most people would count that as a blessing but its as if they dont care..

Im taking them for lots of walks and keeping thier feeding routine trying not to mollycoddle them too much but its hard..

Advice anyone? how long can this last and what can I do to make this easier for them?
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