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Grass seeds and sticky buds!!!!!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Matrix/Logan, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Matrix/Logan

    Matrix/Logan PetForums VIP

    May 7, 2009
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    We took Logan and Matrix to our local woods tonight and i could not believe the time it took us to pick off all of the grass seeds and sticky buds from their coats!! What a night mare, i think because Logan has such thick fur he seemed to have half of the woods in there!! They can be nasty little things, grass seeds, as an ex VN i am a bit paranoid i suppose about them on the dogs!

    I think we will be finding somewhere else for a bit to exercise them both!!

    Just wanted to share so that you all watch out for your dogs, grass seeds can cause a lot of damage, they get in ears, noses. throats and even between toes and work their way up into the skin and need operations to remove them. I remember a springer spaniel coming in the practice once and we removed 17 embedded grass seeds from him, one had tract all the way into his armpit!! So please check your dogs carefully when you return from a walk. I hope i have got them all off of my 2!
  2. rona

    rona Guest

    It's a bit of a nightmare this time of year with a coated breed isn't it? ;)
  3. Ty-bo

    Ty-bo PetForums Senior

    Jun 27, 2009
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    Yes, I took Ty for a walk down the farm track at the back of ours last week and noticed him holding his head to one side and he had a huge grass seed in his ear which was just on the verge of going beyond reach :eek:
    Was very careful for the rest of the walk and have now changed routes til the combine harvester does its thing!
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