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Got my baby mice today! they are soo awesome and so tiny!

I got 5 girls and I actually nearly had to break my own arm to stop from taking more! They are all from a breeder I contacted and are from pedigree mice, i met their mum and dad and they were lovely!

I have two smooth golden satins with ruby eyes, 1 shaggy (dont know what the real name is for it) golden satin with ruby eyes, 1 platinum/silvery one which Ive named Lucie and one soft brown one called Arianna! :D:D:D:D 5 girlies!

Any ideas for names? :D ill get some photos up as soon as I can, i havent had a chance to put them on my laptop!
Also does anyone know about mice colouring? apparently arianna is quite rare- she is a soft brown all over and her tail is the same colour apart from the tip is white? xx
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