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Good News!!!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Lindsay Cotton, May 30, 2018.

  1. Lindsay Cotton

    Lindsay Cotton PetForums Junior

    May 27, 2018
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    We recently bought a border collie pup, who has howled and cried every night in her crate. A very lovely pet forum member suggested leaving the radio on so I left talk sport on, which improved matters but she would still cry and howls for a while. Tonight I've tried classic fm and she's out for the count.

    You guys and classic fm are a God send :) Thank you!!!
  2. Bluemoon7

    Bluemoon7 PetForums Junior

    Aug 6, 2017
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    Talk sport makes me cry and howl sometimes. Well done with finding something that works. I leave classic FM on for Clyde sometimes and it certainly helps during the day with our new addition Oscar, our 10 week old furry exocet missile / escape artist / doe eyed / baby shark....... otherwise known as a Springer Spaniel.
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  3. Magyarmum

    Magyarmum PetForums VIP

    Apr 27, 2015
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    When Georgina was young she developed hyper sensitive hearing due to her being temporarily visually impaired. As a result she'd go into a panic at the slightest sound - even an owl hooting in the night would wake her up.

    I solved the problem by leaving a table lamp on in the living room plus the sound of the TV on low. I really have to thank Sky News for being so monotonous and repeating the same thing every 15 minutes. Boring, boring boring but it did the trick very nicely!
  4. DaisyBluebell

    DaisyBluebell Earth, the insane asylum of the Universe

    Apr 14, 2017
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    We have always left those plug in little night lights on for ours that come on when it's dark n go off when it's light, doubles as a security measure when we away.
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