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A bit chilly out there this morning, bright moon shining. Holly was out and in very fast so it must be cold

I spent yesterday with my daughter and grandchildren and I over indulged a bit and had a bout of acid reflux during the night. My own fault, so a wakeful night. It's gone now and I am off shopping with the dear old aunt soon. I hate food shopping so lets get it over quickly.

Have not seen Katie on here lately, hope she is OK, she is usually bright and cheerful in the mornings.

Have a good day all and hope everyone and their furry friends are well and happy.

Hello. You're right. Katie not shown. Hope you are feeling better. I have had trouble with the computer, so haven't answered her from yesterday. I don't mind feed shopping. I only go avery 2 to 3 weeks, and love bargain hunting. If I could, I'd offer to go, while you had tea with your aunt.
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