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My 8 year old Golden, Hope, has recently started retching but not actually being sick. She can be fast asleep then suddenly she will wake up swallowing hard, almost as if she has eaten in her sleep, but will then ask to go outside. Once in the garden she will eat grass which makes the swallowing subside.

She has had this for about a year - it started when our other Golden died some 14 months ago. We were then told that it may be caused by stress or anxiety - especially as Hope had never been on her own. Niamh was older than Hope.

It stopped for about 8 months then restarted last week. Last night she got us out of bed 4 times wanting to go outside.

She has had a scan and has had a tube down her throat and both came back NAD although we were told she may have a reflux problem. She eats James Wellbeloved in the evening, weetabix with water for breakfast and a biscuit for lunch. Just before bedtime she has another biscuit!

Any ideas or advice would be most welcome!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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