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Hi all,
I have just joined the forum and was hoping you may be able to offer some words of wisdom/thoughts/insights about my dog's behaviour on walks.
We have a lovely 3 year old westie called Fergus who, like most dogs, absolutely loves his walkies.
About a year ago, he started to become nervous at times when out on a walk. It was usually in response to people coming the other way - running, in groups, on bikes, pushchairs or occasionally on their own. There was no apparent rhyme or reason as to why he chose certain people to be scared of. It initially was worse in a particular part of our walk, which we avoided for a while.
If Fergus is on the lead, he becomes very jumpy - looking around him anxiously. When he has been off the lead, he has run away in the direction of home, but then waited, refusing to come until I go and get him.
I really want to let him off the lead, as he loves to run and sniff freely, but this is becoming difficult.
This is not now isolated to the same area and the strange thing is that with some situations he is fine, but not others. He is always fine with other dogs.
There has been no incident that we are aware of that has led to these reactions and we are not sure how to make him less anxious.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks,
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