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Fostering a Dog

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Ferret, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Ferret

    Ferret PetForums Junior

    Feb 2, 2008
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    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to ask... is it possilbe to offer ones services as a Foster for a dog for up to six months? Do People do this? I ask as I live on my own, work from home and could have a dog.... but towards the end of the year I will move and I dont know If i could have a dog in my next place... so I was wondering if resuce places send dogs out to foster? I dont mind Old dogs... ect... just as long as house trained... and non destructive...

    What do you guys think... does this happen? or is it a pipe dream?

  2. nici

    nici PetForums Senior

    Nov 10, 2007
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    some rescue homes do ask for people to foster dogs and other animals, maybe you could ask your local rescue centre, i was looking into this but havent gone any further with it as im not sure if i am going to stop breeding just yet but when i do give up i will certainly ask.good luck :)
  3. Jenny Olley

    Jenny Olley PetForums VIP

    Nov 2, 2007
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    I think some of the breed rescues also use foster homes as they usually do not have kennels for dogs waiting for new homes. Some of the charities that train dog to help people with disabilities, such as hearing dogs also look for weekend foster homes.
  4. AJ

    AJ Guest

    Hi, im a volunteer for the cinnamon trust who foster animals, including dogs, when elderly or terminally ill owners are in hospital. We've fostered a few dogs for them that we had in our home for upto 2 months each. Also they are looking for people to walk dogs for elderly people who can't themselves. Its not exactly what you describe you're looking for but thought it still might be of interest. Their website is The Cinnamon Trust - The National Charity for the elderly and their pets
  5. Fade to Grey

    Fade to Grey PetForums VIP

    Nov 10, 2007
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    thats such a good idea though.
    I'd think of doing that when I'm older as probably with my career I hope for I won't be able to own any pets not with the travelling.
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