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For sale is a Vivarium. Vivarium is only 5months old and is a Vivexotic Ellmau Beech AX36 Vivarium (915x610x622mm).

It also has Ellmau Beech CAX36 Cabinet underneath. It is a very good looking and very easy to keep viv.

What you would get for price:

Vivarium and cabinet
Basking lamp and bulb
Fluorescent UVB light tube and fitting
Heat light
Various plants x8
Bamboo root
Heat rock
Other accessories including, scoop, vine, sand, food bowls and ornamaments. etc

The background for the Vivarium is bespoke so totally original.

Everything you need to keep a bearded dragon is here.

Make me an offer for it.

Thanks :)


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As youre new to the forum Ive altered your post rather than deleted it, but it is against forum rules to sell live animals.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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