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Last night Flake woke me up well it could have been daisy but im sure it was Flake I know his thumps lol. Woke me up at 3am thumping away so so so loudly that I could hear him from my bed whilst he was in the garden. At first as I was asleep the thumping became part of my dream lol then eventually slowly I started waking then I realised that banging is Flake so I jumped outta bed scared something was there attackign them ran down to the garden at 3am to find nothing was there. I sat there for a short while and spoke to both him and Daisy which Flake was very pleased about then went to teh shed got him some fresh hay and told him its time to sleep!

After that not a peep out of him lol!

I dunno what the problem was!
hee hee i think they just know how to get mummys attention :D

maybe something walked past the garden that startled him a bit.
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