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Fighting or playing?

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by NielSotnas, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. NielSotnas

    NielSotnas PetForums Newbie

    Aug 9, 2019
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    Hi! I need a bit of advice. Also sorry of my English is a bit broken, I'm not a native speaker.

    So, I have two cats. One is an three-year old cat named Simba, and the other is a 6-month old named Kovu.(yeah, its a theme.)
    So, thing is, I'm an student. Simba, my first cat was a kitten from a litter my mom's cat had, so he grew up with all his brothers and sisters, and was always a bit of a passive kind of cat? He is the biggest of the lot, but he always end up being bullied by the girls(most of his litter mates were female). But because I'm a student, he stayed at my mom's house in my first year out for uni.
    Then, this year(my second), I lived at my house for six months before getting Simba back. In those months I adopted a one-month old kitten, Kovu. Yeah, I know, one month (4 weeks) is too young and all, but the guy was all about how he couldn't take care of the litter, and how they would need to get out of his house, so i just took him in(a bit worried that they might end up abandoned in a road or something).
    Anyway, Kovu was always very active(broke a bunch of stuff), but I love him lots.
    He met Simba at my mom's house when I went there for vacation. Simba was alright with Kovu from the first sight(never really even hissed or anything. The girls hated Kovu, but never tried to hurt him if he didn't go near them), so I took them both back with me to my home when Uni started again.

    Thing is, they mock fight a lot. I'm pretty sure they are just playing, since there's no hissing or growling, mostly they don't even yelp. But I noticed a pattern. Kovu always start the interaction, attacking and throwing Simba on the ground. (Simba is a bit fat and falls very easily), and then he bites and jumps on Simba. Simba will kick and bite back. Kovu will get out of him and circle Simba a bit before jumping to attack again.
    Eventually Simba will get tired of annoyed and get up. Kovu will lay down in the ground and look at him, but Simba will just go away.
    I think Kovu is expecting Simba to take his turn as the "top" in the fight. But Simba never does. He never start the mock fight either.

    Should I be worried about this? I read that taking turns is something thar should happen. I'm a bit worried that Simba is too passive, or maybe ill or dunno, depressive or something? I mean, I'm happy he doesn't hurt Kovu(Simba is almost as big as an Maine Coon), but... i get worried, for Simba.
    Is this normal?
  2. Ottery

    Ottery Cat Lady

    Jun 14, 2019
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    Kovu is probably just more playful because he's still a kitten, which is why he initiates the play fights - he has more energy. As long as they both get along well and seem to be good friends I wouldn't worry about it.
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