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1. I was texting a friend on my train journey home about our possible new kitty cat, i said he was gonna be £100 and she replied saying it was expensive, so i said not really if he is all they then she said her friend bought a kitten for £200 so i asked what breed it was....the reply? "Black Tabby" so i replied 'ok' and then she replied again saying it was from her friends sister who had bred the cat...i didnt say it to her, but obviously it was one of those "accidental litters" or maybe she wanted her moggy to get pregnant, i i replied saying 'poor mummy cat, hope she got done after the kittens' and the reply? 'No, she had another litter soon after" i replied saying she was a very poor cat for that to happen too and left it at that.

Oh the kitten was also sold at 8 weeks of age and is a spitefull little thing and not always in a playfull way....

2. Our lovely neighbour got a kitten like 4-6weeks ago....basically the neighbour attached to us told us her friends cat had had kittens [accidental or meant i dunno, but moggies] and would we like one as it wasnt long after we lost lewis, mum said a week or so later mum told our other neighbour [not attached] and so she just went to see the kittens....well she walked in, said she came to see the kittens and one of the kids carried this poor kitty down the stairs under its front legs/armpits, back legs hanging and almost threw it to our neighbour....well she wasnt gonna leave it there so within a minute or two she was walking home with a new mum and dad saw and so within 10minutes me and mum were in seeing this kitten.

It was in hell of a state, shaking so bad and so amazingly tiny.....she weighed it and there was hardley any weight on it to the vets who said it was around 7 weeks old and was flea ridden and underweight. Well the little kitten is doing well now, doubled in sized and has become the best of friends with her labrador who is a few years old and lets the kitten ride on her back haha...the vet also told her last week when she went for her final jabs that if our neighbour hadnt of taken the kitten in, the fleas alone would of killed it cos it was so riddled in fleas and bites etc that it would of killed it.

Anyway so this kitten is now like 3months - 3 and half months old, fuly inoculated but she's not even considering letting her out yet, doesnt let her near the doors just incase....BUT guess who is out and about? Her brother who they kept and mum [dunno if mums done or not] also another sister stayed a few doors away and SHE has been let out already too....these cats are only months old and she reckons the male cat hasnt had jabs cos of the way they seem to have treated thier cats [hence the cat having kittens] and she's now more determined to get her kitten "done" as soon as she can, but with her being behind in the weight department, she may have to wait until she's atleast 6 months and her vets warned her that some cats may come into heat earlier so too watch for it.

But its so sad, all these cats....just one thing we're happy, altho the kitten left mum too soon atleast with our neighbour its got a solid, loving and sensible forever home.
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