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Felt so out of control

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by NicoleW, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. NicoleW

    NicoleW PetForums VIP

    Aug 28, 2010
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    So yesterday was my daughter's fifth birthday, we went out to the cinema in the evening and had a party and stuff. I know it's not an excuse but I did miss their hour evening walk yesterday, and I kind of woke up to the effects of it this morning.

    Logan had destroyed his 3 peaks ''indestructable'' bed.

    So I've just taken them out for 20 minutes, me walking with a pushchair with a dog on each side that were not listening to me, pulling me left right and centre. Took them to the playground where no kids were as it's enclosed so I let them off. Two blokes from the council came and I asked if they'd like me to take them out and they said that we were alright in here as long as I picked up poop which of course I was doing.

    So we had a bubble blower out, balls (2 tennis balls gone in the matter of 20 minutes). I looked like a right loon trying to get Logan back on his lead, if he wants to stay where he is he'll lay down and not move.

    None of them were coming back to me, but I expect because they didn't get their usual walk last night with about 8 other dogs to play with they were kind of overexcited to get out.

    Going for another 3 20 minute walks or runs with the dogs throughout the day, maybe not Duke as that's a bit too much for him.

    Both of them have just stopped totally listening to me when I call them.

    And to make matters worse, Duke jumped up to the kitchen side and ate half of my daughter's birthday cake last night! I could've killed him, 3 hours it took me to decorate it.

    I did pick up a whistle though so will start teaching them recall with that. Duke picks it up really easily.. but Logan... well.. I know he knows what is expected off him, but still trying to find something that really interests him to make him want to come back.
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