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Had rather horrendous walk with Dex today. I know he's reactive but even so... he must have kicked off about five or six times during a thirty minute walk. First he saw a bird before I did, and of course lunged violently. 15 minutes later, same thing happened - this time with a cat. He's so strong and goes so beserk when he sees a cat.

Then we saw a postman; Dex looked as though he was getting ready to kick off; I was really fed up by this time so said very sharply 'Don't you dare!' and to my surprise, he piped down and walked nicely.....

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I then had to go shopping and as I came out of one shop, I walked straight into a lovely DDB that I've met twice before. The woman who owns him was laughing as I was so delighted to see him and he let me cuddle him :D

I remarked to her that he's so lovely and calm. They had him since he was a puppy and have clearly put in the work. I then happened to comment that I had a dog that was rather strung :D As soon as she heard it was a Lab, she rolled her eyes and exclaimed 'Oh, I used to have one - they are CRAZY!!!'

Did make me feel a bit better :) That and the hug with the DDB of course :D

Aww, its lovely when you meet an understanding fellow dog owner.

I met an elderly man like that today while mine was Tantruming all over the place, he was just like " Used to have just like that, just keep calm and he'll get his hormones outta of his system soon."

Then a minute later he was like

"When he's sat can I cuddle him?" :laugh:
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