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Feeding a veteran golden retriever

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Wiz201, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Wiz201

    Wiz201 PetForums VIP

    Jun 13, 2012
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    My almost 11 year old is currently still on Wagg working dog diet, but after looking at what the veteran diet offers with the joint supplements included, I thought she's better going onto that, especially as she's starting to get a little stiff in her front end. Has anyone fed that? Or can anyone think of a better one to go with? Burns high oats is another I've considered but that's really expensive.
  2. Kinjilabs

    Kinjilabs PetForums VIP

    Apr 15, 2009
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    Why not just add supplements to her normal diet:D
  3. SixStar

    SixStar Banned

    Dec 8, 2009
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    Have a look through here - http://www.petforums.co.uk/dog-health-nutrition/255727-updated-dry-dog-food-index.html They're adult foods, but all suitable for seniors. I would stick with a good quality adult diet and just add your own joint supplements if needed. Senior diets tend to be lower in fat, and to achieve this they replace some of the meat with more cereals, which in turn lowers the quality of the food.

    Almost anything has to be better than Wagg, I despise the stuff with every ounce of my being :( My greyhounds were fed Wagg worker before coming to me - Dylan is terminally ill with stomach cancer which my vet believes is directly related to poor nutrition, and Wagg contains cariogenic additives. Pretty much anything would be a step up.
  4. GoldenRetrieverman

    GoldenRetrieverman PetForums VIP

    Sep 7, 2012
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    If money is an issue you could try Skinners field and trial hypoalergenic. It is the best cheap food on the market. It contains good levels of glucosamine and chondroitin which is good for joints. No nasty artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. A million times better than wagg! I would bet you will have to feed less of it too. The duck and rice is about £20 a bag online delivered to your door.
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