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Feeder Roach Advice

Discussion in 'Spiders and Inverts' started by HoneyBeee, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. HoneyBeee

    HoneyBeee PetForums Newbie

    Aug 18, 2018
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    Let's get right into it! I have tarantula slings, and now that they are getting bigger I was thinking about breeding their feeders. What does this mean? Roaches.

    I'm just having trouble deciding between b. lateralis and b. dubia. I've been researching both and there seems to be a bit of a divide between which ones hobbyists prefer.

    Lateralis V Dubia
    • Lateralis is faster and more active than Dubia. Dubia Roaches like to dig and hide themselves, so they are harder for tarantulas to find. Is this really a big deal? Right now I just drop crickets into my slings' enclosures and let them do their hunting thing. They usually take down the crickets lightning-fast as soon as the little buggers move. Would I have to start feeding them with tongs?
    • Dubia population is easier to maintain. Is this true? I read that all you need to do to get them to stop reproducing is lower the temperature of their enclosure, and that if they escape there is no risk of infestation. The idea of a roach infestation sort of bothers me, and unless I am mistaken, an infestation is possible with escaped b. lateralis.
    • Dubia roaches have "too much chitin." I've heard this opinion a few times, why would it be bad? I thought chitin was nutritious and good for your pets. B lateralis, by comparison, are supposedly softer and "less chitinous."

    What do you think?
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