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Fearful Siberian Husky Puppy

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by John El Jamal, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. John El Jamal

    John El Jamal PetForums Newbie

    Apr 9, 2019
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    Dear fellow dog lovers.

    a week ago I got a 3 and a half month old Siberian Husky, me and my wife went to a pet store to check out puppies to adopt , All of the puppies were so excited to see us except this one dog chilling alone in his cage without any interaction he didn't even want to come out of his cage, no treats no nothing was working to get him out to interact with us , once i saw it like that I decided to adopt that puppy as I felt bad because it seemed it either was really mistreated or possibly spent all his life in a cage so hes most likely anti social. I couldn't find out clearly what was his background. Anyways We chose to give it home, today marks exact week since we introduced him to our house, the behavior of Lucky has gotten better but he cant seem to be progressing when it comes to trusting me and my wife to pet him or feed him which makes it very hard for us to house train him or even play with him as he wont accept any direct interaction , when I come down on his level to pet him he moves away hes not aggressive or anything he doesn't even bark or show any signs of aggression , he just simply tenses up if you touch him and tries to move away if hes in a position he can , I bought him all kinds of treats at the beginning and none of them worked for him so I read up on more of similar cases some said to try hand feed it people food, which actually helped he started to make progress with hand feeding him but it still feels like its not his favorite way to eat, so I got him canned food from Pedigree which works every time, I thought once he started to accept hand feeding that we are progressing in our bonding but he still wont let me touch him , he doesn't like to be alone he follows us everywhere but he wont let us touch him for some reason when my wife is in the room he feels more comfortable as he moves around in the room and gets a little playful.
    Unfortunately as soon as I walk in the room he goes to his bed and chills. When I get closer even if just to hand feed him I can see him tensing and hiding his tale up even when he accepts the food he wont let us touch him, he doesnt get defensive but he does move away and tenses up. The first day we took him for a walk , he was very shy and scared and his tale curled upp hidden , now he made progress regarding the outside world now he walks around like he owns the neighborhood but he wont accept treats outside the house so when he does go potty outside Im not even able to praise him and give him a treat for him to understand that it was a good behavior it seems most behavioral problems are getting better but there are few that I dont feel like are progressing.

    My question is if there is anyone out there that has dealt with a similar dog behaviour? let me know your story and what worked for you ,tricks to help him overcome his fears.

    How do you train a puppy that wont let you touch him?

    How do you train a puppy that wont accept a high impact treat outdoors?

    We are now currently applying the (ignore your puppy method) we only hand feed him and take him out to potty as we read up on few stories but this method so far doesn't seem to be progressing anywhere.

    Your help is much appreciated. and sorry didn't know to express myself in a shorter way.
  2. O2.0

    O2.0 PetForums VIP

    May 23, 2018
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    Welcome to Pet Forums!
    I've put some spaces in your post so you'll get more reads and hopefully more replies/help :)

    My first comment, which is kind late, but worth mentioning, the worst place to get a puppy is from a pet shop. As you have seen, these puppies are often (always?) raised and kept in terrible conditions and can have significant behavioral issues because of it.
    Two, you don't want to contribute financially to the horrible practice of puppy farming which is where all these puppies come from.

    Now that you have him though, I would start *very* slow.
    I know it's hard, but just leave potty training alone for now. If he goes outside, great, take him out often so he can, but if he goes inside, just quietly pick it up and make it a complete non issue.

    Stop trying to make friends with him and let him come to you on his own terms. Let him lead all interactions. If he wants to come to you, let him, have some yummy treats easily available (in your pockets) and offer them IF he approaches you, but don't approach him. I know you mean well, but from his point of view you're forcing yourself on him and it's more than he can handle right now.

    Honestly, I'd also get a good trainer/behaviorist involved. It sounds like you have a dog with some serious issues that you're going to need some professional help with. The sooner you get a good handle on how best to help him cope the more chance he can grow in to a 'normal' dog. His odds are not good right now with the kind of start he has had and the extreme fear and shyness he's exhibiting.

    Where are you located in general? Hopefully a member can recommend a good professional in your area.
  3. John El Jamal

    John El Jamal PetForums Newbie

    Apr 9, 2019
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    Dear 02.0,

    I live in the Palestine Occupied Territories , Ramallah City,
    I don't support pet stores but I live in a country where the whole owning a pet isn't the most common thing in our culture yet. , the services provided for pets here are limited. there fore I grabbed the first opportunity to save one of them from these places.

    To add an update on the current situation.

    I have been monitoring all of the dogs behavior , I am noticing that outside hes feeling more comfortable as he walks around with confidence he even interacts with me outside more than indoor.
    This morning I also took him out to potty and he did well and even accepted a high impact treat.

    its the indoor that worries me , I currently keep him on the leash even when hes free roaming in the house so I don't have to force myself up on him , he feels comfortable to let me get close to him enough to grab the leash but if I go for a touch that's a No No I try to sit down on the ground and shower him with treats, he interacts a little bit but not enough for him to trust you to touch him, even tho It seems that he got used to me to a point that he wont walk with my wife if I am behind, he waits until I come near him so he continues walking.

    I feel that the dog is progressing its the indoor that I feel I am stuck with although I know patience is key in these situations , its just if there are people out there that had a similar experience , I would like to know tips and tricks on how they helped their dog to over come his fears. maybe there is something I could do to bond with him even tho he makes it pretty hard as hes not interested in anything in the house much but once hes alone his actual dog side turns up.

    Also thank you for your response, I have contacted a Dog Trainer , to come check him out maybe he will have a solution.

    I still would like to hear your stories if you have any similar experience.

    Best Regards,
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