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Fab service - crosspost

Discussion in 'Customer Feedback' started by MerlinsMum, May 29, 2010.

  1. MerlinsMum

    MerlinsMum PetForums VIP

    Aug 2, 2009
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    Posted this already in the main PetMeds area but it DOES bear repeating.

    I want to give Pet Meds loads of thumbs up.

    I ordered from them without realising I could have got a 10% discount being a PF member.... I'd just found them online and they had what I needed at a good price. So I ordered not knowing about the PF deal....

    I will add... PetMeds did not know who I was or if I was anything to do with PetForums when I placed my order. I ordered under my own name thru Paypal which has no connection to my name on PetForums, so this is entirely separate....

    So as an accidental "blind test" they have more than exceeded expectations.

    I got emails to say when my goods were dispatched but for some reason things went awry and I had not got them 9 days later. So I emailed Lee at Pet Meds customer service and he kindly apologised, saying it may have got lost in the post, and sent out a duplicate order.

    Three days later I got the goods. It was extremely trusting and kind of Lee to have done this. I can't fault how kind and generous he was when I had a problem.

    I'd definitely use Pet Meds again and I would say the customer service is great.. .as I said before I didn't know about my PF discount, so I can certainly say he would treat any customer PF or not, with great consideration.

    Will not hesitate to use PetMeds again, and thank you Lee for being so kind and re-sending out the lost order. This is the kind of personal service which makes the big difference between the Other companies, and a Great company like PetMeds.

    Thanks Lee :)

    Merlin's Rating: **** 4 Paws out of 4!!!!
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