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Eye Concern

Discussion in 'Chinchillas' started by Deleted member 1511335, Sep 15, 2020.


Should i take him to a vet or wait and see?

  1. Vet now you crazy lady

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  2. Give it another week and see

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 chinchillas. One of them poked his eye pretty good and I am not sure if it is getting better or worse. I have been applying aloe vera myself but stopped as it didnt seem to be doing much and I am wondering if anyone info before i seek out a vet that I cannot afford. The wound does look better than it originally was 2 weeks ago, bit it hasnt gone away yet. Here are 2 pics, one of the iniured eye and one of the non injured eye. I do not think it is fungal or even contagious as he has a brother with no symptoms and they cuddle a lot. Also his behaviour and eating are great, no issues there, still very playful. Any thoughts?

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  2. Tiggers

    Tiggers PetForums Senior

    May 27, 2014
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    If you are in any doubt as to wether the wound is healing, then you need to see a vet. If you cannot afford to see a vet over an eye issue, then how would you fair if one of your chinchillas fell seriously ill?
  3. Thank you for your kind words of wisdom.

    If he was seriously ill i wouldn't hesitate to take him to the vet. Also the decision to get a house pet was obviously made well before the global pandemic and the financial crisis that ensued. If pet insurance were an option for a small animal like chinchilla it would have been purchased. Lastly, I treat animals the way I treat humans I dont take them to the doctor until it it interfering with daily functioning and getting worse not better. Simply looking to gain some more information. Thank you for the lack of information you provided, other than judgement.
  4. rona

    rona Still missing my boys

    Aug 18, 2011
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    Eyes should be an exception. Don't mess with eyes, get them checked
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