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I returned from morning walk in a right tizz ( doesn't take much)
Jackson had his usual barky lungy go at a dog at the top of the road and did his total hypervigilant, tall dog act before and after. I know loads of you have far worse probs and I know he's only 13.5 kg. he sleeps all night, he is not destructive so hooray. Still likes to use mouth to greet though more easily distracted.
Then as I stomped in all fed up as progress is so slow ( I also realise 4 months isn't long to forget 15 months in a back garden cage) the window cleaners arrived!! Jackson looked at them through the front window wagging tail, SILENT and then when they did the french door at the back, he followed the blade with his nose touching the inside SILENT. Watched them up and down ladder - NOTHING. Now nearly everyone who walks past gets one bark at least, dogs many more. Why does my reactive dog who thinks a pile of leaves is a threat, think it's ok for two strangers to tramp round outside house front and back?
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