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Exposed: Puppy trade’s dreadful conditions in UK

Discussion in 'Pet News' started by testmg80, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. testmg80

    testmg80 PetForums VIP

    Jul 29, 2008
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    Wed, 05 Aug 2009 9:57a.m.

    Appalling conditions have been revealed at the puppy breeding farms that supply one of the UK’s biggest pet stores.
    An undercover investigation filmed dogs kept in small pens with little or no access to natural or electric light.

    The dogs are seen to be suffering from physical and psychological problems inflicted by the conditions of their confinement.

    Owners have found their puppies, bought from a major chain store involved Dogs4Us, to not be as healthy as they first thought.

    One puppy suffered from depression and died suddenly. Another owner was told her puppy’s problems were caused by the mother being over-bred.

    Sky News expressed concern over the findings to the local Carmarthenshire Council.

    While the authorities shared some unease about the situation, the farms have merely been asked to make some changes but have been allowed to keep their licenses.
    One of the breeding farm dogs

    3 News / SKY


    Appalling Puppy Farm Conditions Uncovered

    5:49pm UK, Tuesday August 04, 2009

    Jason Farrell

    An undercover investigation has revealed appalling conditions at puppy breeding farms that supply one of the UK's biggest pet shops.

    Secret filming showed dogs kept in small, dark pens with no access to outside runs.

    Some of the animals clearly had behavioural problems from being kept in a confined space.

    Some circled on the spot, others cowered in the corner of their cells.

    Looking at the footage, TV vet Marc Abraham described the animals' living conditions as the worst he had ever seen in the UK.

    "There is no care for these dogs whatsoever, apart from keeping them alive to breed more puppies. It is sick," he said.

    Dogs4Us is a well known pet superstore with branches in Leeds and Manchester.

    Celebrities who have purchased their dogs from the chain include Wayne and Coleen Rooney.

    We spoke to a number of customers who found their puppies were not as healthy as they first thought.

    Adele Lewis bought a West Highland Terrier for her 10-year-old son Robert from the store.

    She said Jaka always seemed to be a depressed dog and four months after the family bought her, she was suddenly taken ill and had to be put down.

    Vets told Mrs Lewis the dog had a defect from birth caused by its mother being over-bred.

    The dog originally came from one of the farms filmed by Sky News.

    When shown the footage, Mrs Lewis said: "It's shocking but at least now I know where he came from and why this happened."

    In a statement Dogs4Us said: "All the puppies we purchase are from registered breeders who are also licensed by the local authority, who also carry out inspections of their premises."

    Sky News passed the footage to Carmarthenshire Council.

    After expressing concern, the authority asked the farms to make some changes but allowed them all to keep their licences
  2. Domoniques

    Domoniques PetForums Senior

    Feb 7, 2009
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    Hi all
    I am sorry but this trade with dogs 4 us , dogs r us has been going on for many years I have been asked many time to leave the manchester one , also a reporter did a piece in the paper , lets hope something is now done to stop this trade , but as there is a demand for pups would it go more to the back street breeders .
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