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Exotic beettles available

Discussion in 'Insects , Snails and other exotic pets' started by arnoldwood, May 4, 2013.

  1. arnoldwood

    arnoldwood Banned

    May 1, 2013
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    -Goliathus cacicus Male 81mm A1 35€
    -Goliathus cacicus Male 82 mm A1 40€
    -Goliathus cacicus Male 84 mm A1+ 50€
    -Goliarhus cacicus Male 70 mm A1- 15€
    -Goliathus cacicus Male 81 mm A1 35€
    -Goliathus orientalis Male 75 mm A1+ 10€
    -Goliathus goliathus apicalis Male 98 mm A1+ 25€
    -Goliathus goliathus Male 94 mm A1+ 25€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Female 70 mm A1+ 25€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Male 86 mm A1+ 40€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Male 79 mm A1+ 30€
    -Goliathus goliathus albatus Male 78mm A1+ 35€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Male 94 mm A1+ 50€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Male 87 mm A1+ 35€
    -Goliathus goliathus quadrimaculatus Male 94 mm A1 50€
    -Goliathus goliathus albatus Male 90mm A1+ 50€
    -Goliathus goliathus undulus Male 74mm A1+ 40€
    -Goliathus goliathus quadrimaculatus Male 70 mm A1+ 30€
    -Goliathus goliathus conspersus Male 79 mm A1 30€
    -Goliathus goliathus regius male 104mm A1 50€
    -Goliathus goliathus regius male 98mm A1 40€
    -M.torquata 75-82mm A1+ 30€ pair
    -Syefanocrates preussi 45mm A1+ 15€ pair
    -Chelorrihna kraatzi 65mm A1+ 15€ pair
    -Pachnoda fissipuncta A1+ 4€ male
    -Pachnoda marginata peregrina A1+ 4€ male
    -Eudicella euthalia nyassica A1+ 5€

    Contact us at : [email protected]
    00237 94148108
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