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exasted but soo funny

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by shells, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. shells

    shells PetForums VIP

    Jan 16, 2011
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    well i decided that both me and buster are rather large framed so need to both diet and loose a faire bit of weight. so his walks have altered his evaning one in perticular. we now run/jog/walk around the leisure centre and rugby feilds and then the footy feilds whitch has 13 adult footy pitches and 6 kids pitches so its a faire distance so hopefully we will both loose a few pounds fingers crossed. well as we got to the footy feilds there were 2 blokes with there dogs of lead. so i reined in buster as he is still dog agresive and in all faireness the old man called his dog back and put her lead on her( a lovely old colliex)the other guy who towered me in height width and dept had a gorgeous looking jrt. boy did he make me laugh well eventualy anyway. this jrt comes legging it up to me n the guy is shouting its alright love he wont hurt you i just laughed n said im not worried about me but my dog aint dog freindly n will go for him. the bloke just laughed at this and then buster started to growl n the guy froze im like hello call ur dog back ffs. buster was on a lead and i had him by his collar sat still but he was still growling at the jrt. the old man nudged him n said get the bloody dog back so this huge bloke comes running up calling his dog who then starts running in circles around me n buster with this guy running in circles after him at this point i did laugh. after a good few mins he finaly got the dog to stop and quickerly leaded him up. after all that poor buster is sprawled on me flaw exasted and im in agony to lol the things we do to loose weight :D
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