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English Springer Spaniel Puppy

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by Ellaneza, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Ellaneza

    Ellaneza PetForums Newbie

    Dec 10, 2018
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    Hi there,
    So I have my little baby home, almost 12 weeks English Springer Spaniel show type, Pipo.
    He just came home last week and was the last on its litter to leave, only a sister remaining that the breeder was going to keep.
    So far I find he is quite easy going with a couple of puppy problems, I am first time owner so I would appreciate your advice/views on them:
    1- Toilet outside.
    He is quite good with puppy puds, I would say that probably had those growing up but nothing outside. I tried to get the puppy pad outside in the front garden, I wait with him for 30-45 minutes and nothing, sometimes he sits and look at me, not knowing what he is suppoused ti do, as soon as we enter back home he pees. He just made 1 week from second vaccination so at last can go out, hope that seeing other dogs peeing outside might inspire him? How do you think I should transition?
    2- Biting/Chewing
    Not really awful, just when he is excited, he comes to socks, trousers and he can hurt, I have two small nephews and they get him excited so sometimes I am concerned Pipo will hurt them, although I know it's play... any advice on that? Just going though the stage?
    3- Socialisation
    Just starting. He gets quite scared.
    Tomorrow I need to go to London (almost whole day) and was planning in taking him with me. Good for him to see crowds?

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  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF PetForums VIP

    Feb 1, 2016
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    For toileting, he sounds like he has become accustomed to toileting indoors (puppy pads make it difficult for puppies to understand where they are allowed to toilet and where not). So take him out and wait five minutes. If he doesn't toilet, bring him in and watch him like a hawk - any hint of looking around or sniffing and take him back out. Or, if he gives no signs, take him out anyway after five minutes. Repeat until you get a successful outside toilet. When he does toilet outside, shower him with praise and rewards. The idea is that he will learn that outside toilets win this jackpot prize so once he is able to, he will hold his toilet to earn his treat. But for now his little bladder and bowel are not strong enough to hold for long so set him up for success by aiming to have every toilet outside. You could try taking a used pad outside which might encourage him.

    Biting - yes it is a phase but there are things you can do. Some people find a sharp 'ouch' works but it can just ramp up the excitement. Some people find putting a toy in the dog's mouth works, others find the puppy is still more interested in nipping hands. My preferred method is to teach him that teeth on skin equals end of fun. So as soon as he makes contact, walk out of the room for a few moments or encourage the children to wear wellies and be like a tree - very boring. As long as the whole family is consistent - do it immediately and do it every time - he will learn. You could use a house line to draw him away, which keeps your hands both out of reach and also keeps hands for only good things.

    Socialisation - this is not about everyone and every dog meeting him. Think quality, not quantity. Letting all and sundry (people and dogs) near a puppy can be overwhelming and frightening - the opposite of what you want. Control the socialisation by being selective, especially with other dogs and kids. Look for calm role model dogs, and adults and children who can be trusted not to get over excited. Socialisation is not about plunging your puppy into every new experience, but rather allowing him to see, hear and get used to people and situations calmly and from a safe position. So London might be too much, depending on where you are going and for how long. The critical thing is that every experience now should be a positive one.
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