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Emergency section protocol

Discussion in 'Dog Breeding' started by Chiowner2, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Chiowner2

    Chiowner2 PetForums Newbie

    Jan 8, 2021
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    Does anybody have experience or knowledge of when a vet would consider a chi bitch’s difficulties during labor, as justifying an emergency section? Also does this seem like reasonable action from the vet during the labor?

    Out of hours Vet used. Discussed situation and was told likelihood of a c section delivery and cost of between £1200 - £1800
    No issue re cost for any of this as all and any fees were being covered by a third party and this was explained to vets representative on the phone so as to ensure best care was available without cost considerations.

    So a full size chi bitch presenting with a visible stuck breech pup after 3 hrs. (1.5 hrs trying then 1.5 hrs further waiting on advice of vet).
    Vet unhappy that not registered at this surgery but due to urgency the registered vet surgery was too far to travel and snow driving conditions too dangerous- so this emergency vet being a 20min drive was selected as best safest option. Believe vet was more concerned with non payment than animals care from outset. Despite clear assertions made on phone earlier.
    At the vets pup was removed by hand still born - breech and ‘dry’. Bitch was exhausted and clearly distressed, yet was instructed to take the dog home as vet believed there was only one pup left and ‘it felt’ in the correct position for bitch to deliver. However, she was not scanned to confirm any of this. Instructed if she continued to struggle to call them and arrange to return with her.
    Had to return to vets 2 hours later as again next pup was not presenting properly. Manual vaginal removal by vet still born. Finally, vet assisted birth of live & last pup. Vet scanned at this point to confirm last pup.
    Bill - £870 .
    When rung to query a couple of things ie why dog was not scanned at first visit, vet said it was (not true) but not billed for as given free!!! Even though scan after 3rd pup was charged for.
    Asked why section not done as discussed on phone and told bitch owner expressed financial concerns so bitch sent home to attempt natural delivery. Absolute nonsense as vet already told on phone that fees not a concern and owner of bitch was obviously aware as I took her to vets and rang vets to arrange it all.
    clearly my first call and assurances of fee payment were not passed on to treating vet. I believe the vet thought a large bill was unlikely to be recovered and put these considerations before the bitches welfare and that of the pups resulting in loss of 2nd pup where a section could of recovered both remaining pups live.
    what are anybody else’s views on this. From what I’ve heard and read a 1st time pregnant bitch, presenting such problems should of been immediately scanned and undergone surgical intervention to prevent her further suffering and potentially life threatening risks and to have the best chance of recovering live pups.

    I’m disgusted at what went on and appalled that a vet who didn’t even treat the dog should lie in defence of the treating vet when I called to challenge, what I believed genuine justifiable concerns.
  2. Blitz

    Blitz PetForums VIP

    Feb 12, 2009
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    I think it is impossible without having been there to know if the vet did the wrong thing. The untruths when queried are a different matter of course.

    Some vets seem extremely poor at assessing a whelping bitch. Many years ago I was sure a bitch had started labour then stopped. Took her to the vet and was told she was not ready. I was still sure something was wrong so took her back and she was given oxytocin which did nothing. I went back or phoned several time and EVENTUALLY after 7 days the vet agreed to do a caesarian. There was a large single pup jammed across the two horns of the uterus so the bitch could not press. It was very very dead and the bitch was infected and had to be spayed at the same time.
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