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Eating ALL the animal?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Starlite, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. billyboysmammy

    billyboysmammy PetForums VIP

    Sep 12, 2009
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    I have been! perhaps you misread my post!

    There are some very good abbatoirs which do care about the treatment of the animals they are killing and others which are appalling.

    I'm against all forms of ritualistic slaughter, and i firmly believe until a better alternative is found that the stun method is the most humane. It would be lovely to think they died in the field they were born in, but that simply isnt feasable.

    Can you seriously say that you would rather have some idiot in his semi slaughtering a cow in his back garden? The humans in this country do not have the skills or equipment to dispatch such a large animal as humanely as possible.

    I do think EVERYONE should know where their meat comes from, not only as aducation but out of respect for the animal that gave its life to fill their belly! There is no respect in pre-packaged supermarket meat.

    Talking about eating the whole animal....

    my dogs ate some wesson this morning - its cow oesophagus - a type of tripe my mum is partial to, personally i detest the taste.

    As a family we eat all muscle meats (on or off the bone), kidneys, some livers, black pudding, haggis, suet, sausages, oxtail, faggots (homemade). In other words i prefer the cheaper cuts of meat and offal - cheap nutritious and tasty if cooked properly. I dont eat any lamb though, i dont like how it tastes.

    My cats and dogs get, heart, lung, sweetbreads, various tripes, bag, liver, diaphragm, tongue, cheek, skin, gizzards, tails, noses, ears, eyes, blood and bones along with their muscle meats. If other parts of the animal were readily available i would also buy them.

    I dont believe in wasting food, but neither do i believe everyone should have to resort to slaughtering in their homes, just because it means they could see where their meat comes from. The same effect could be achieved by visiting a slaughterhouse.

    For anyone who really really wants to know where their meat comes from but doesnt have the space, there are various Adopt-a-pig/cow/sheep type schemes. You adopt your pig, its raised for you with regular updates (including visitation rights) and then you get the meat when its slaughtered. Personally without physically raising it yourself and breaking the animal welfare laws by unqualified slaughter then this is the next best thing.
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