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Dug in hospital again!

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by Amber Dawn, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Amber Dawn

    Amber Dawn PetForums Member

    Dec 5, 2009
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    I'm starting to think that Dug will never get better.

    First, he had a standard luxating patella operation. His muscle then completely detached the tibial crest from the joint but this wasn't detected until a couple of weeks later. The next op was to re-attach the bit of bone that had come away.

    He was doing really well and we saw the surgeon on Monday (2 weeks post-op) who said it was looking good.

    Then last night he was 'digging' at his bed (which he does a lot) and then got excited and started jumping around in his bed. I calmed him down but then noticed he wasn't putting as much weight on it as before and was doing little hops every few steps.

    He went back to the vet this morning and had a x-ray which shows he has now ruptured the tendon! So tomorrow he will be having a 3rd op to suture the tendon and put in wires to support the leg while it heals.

    I'm at my wit's end with this. I just don't know what we can do to stop him doing something else as he is already being strictly confined.

    I'm so stressed about it all and I'm supposed to be taking it easy at the moment. Sorry to rant, but I just had to get it all off my chest :(
    #1 Amber Dawn, Mar 31, 2011
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  2. Jackie99

    Jackie99 PetForums VIP

    Mar 5, 2010
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    Really sounds like Dug and you are going through a rough time at the moment. Hope his health improves soon and you get some positive news.
  3. husky

    husky PetForums Junior

    Nov 29, 2010
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    i am going through the exact same thing as you with one of my huskies,

    at 5 months old she was diagnosed with luxating patellas it both her knees, but she is in the 10% of dogs with this condition that the knee dislocates to the outside instead of the inside making it more dificult to treat. she had an op on her first knee that went very well, then a month after she had the other knee done, both ops was just to tighten the ligaments. the second op failed and the knee was still unstable, so a month ago she had a second op on that knee to move the shin bone over and pin it all in place. 11 days after this we put her in kennels while we went away (she was checked over by the vet before we went and we was given the all clear for her to be in kennels.) anyway, we fetched her and our other dogs home from the kennels on saturday afternoon and as we were getting them all out of the back of the pick up she jmped over the tail gate before we could stop her, after that she wouldnt put any weight on her leg at all, we rang the emergency vet who said they couldnt do anything, so today she was back at the referral centre who did x-rays and found that she had torn her tendon. he operated straight away and stitched it back together. we will fetch her home tomorrow, if this doesnt work though she will need an external fixator on her leg for at least 6 weeks :( im so upset and blame myself so much for this injury for not stopping her jumping from the car. she is so young at just 9 months old and has already been through so much. i just hope this op works and put an end to all her suffering
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