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Hi, i need some advice on my brood. I have 4 hens (2 khaki campbells & 2 applyards) and 1 khaki drake, they have all been together for a while now, and have been laying eggs well, 10 days go 1 of the appleyards started to brood with about 10 eggs, I have let her stay in the main duck house quiet and undisturbed and moved the others into my conservatory for this brooding period. the broody hen comes out twice a day or a stretch, swim, feed and water with the others, great so far but when she comes out the drake chases her around the garden immedately till he's done his drake thing which seems unfair after sitting on eggs for 10 hours, 1 of the khaki campbells quackes continuously whle she is out and the other campbell hen chases her off aggresively if she's near her, considering they all got on fine before she got broody i find this strange. What will happen when the eggs hatch? Will she still be hastled by the drake and will the campbell hen still chase her and more importantely will she case the young chicks.

If anyone has some advice i would be very gratefull, this is my 1st year breeding and am concerned about this strange behaviour.

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