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Don't have a room to create a 'Safe Room' for my cat

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Guancia, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Guancia

    Guancia PetForums Newbie

    Jul 30, 2020
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    Hey everyone!

    I'm adopting a kitten next week and I've been reading (a lot) about how to get her used to the new place.
    Everywhere I looked it starts with providigin a safe room so she can get used to it first and 'call it hers'.

    The problem is I live in a one room apartment where the only other room is the bathroom which (of course) I use regularly.

    Should I use the bathroom as safe room anyways? Do you have any tips about this? What other options can I look into?

    I suppose it will be fine if I dont have a safe room but I just want to do things 'right' and make it as easy as I can for her.

  2. Cully

    Cully PetForums VIP

    May 16, 2018
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    Welcome @Guancia,
    A cardboard box will do for now if it's placed in a corner, or behind furniture to provide a place where she can get away to be by herself. Put a comfy blanket/fleece/jacket inside, or maybe some used bedding her breeder is able to give you with a familiar smell. Something she can snuggle into and fall asleep. A large box on it's side with just one side open is best so she will feel enclosed and less frightened.
    The main thing is that she has somewhere to go where she will be undisturbed, by 'anyone'. Once she feels safe there she will eventually gain confidence and want to explore her surroundings. This might be within hours, or could take many days. Whatever she decides, let her do it at her own pace.
    It must be placed where you will find it easy not to disturb it, so not by a cupboard which you need to keep opening for example. Just leave her be and she will start to explore her surroundings and will include you in that.
    You can give her toys such as ping pong balls. She will be missing litter mates so get her a soft safe teddy type toy she can play fight with as she would her siblings. Don't leave her alone with toys with strings of any type. They make good toys but can be dangerous if the kitten gets tangled in the string or eats it!! Please don't play with her by wiggling your fingers and toes. It may be very cute when she is a tiny kitten but you will live to regret it as she grows. A cat who likes to play ambushing you from behind a door by pouncing on feet hurts! 'A lot!' And it's very difficult to undo such behaviour once it's learned.
    Ideally a cat should have at least 2 litter trays, so maybe there is an area which will eventually accommodate a second tray. Keep trays clean and remove any waste asap or your kitten may decide to start to poop and pee somewhere that doesn't smell of her urine, such as behind a sofa or on your bed.
    To begin with you can put a litter tray in the same room but not near her safe place or near food or water. It's unkind to expect any animal to have to eat or sleep right next to it's toilet area. They don't do it in the wild, so shouldn't have to in their human home.
    After she has the confidence to explore her surroundings you can allow her to follow you into the bathroom so she gets used to it. You may decide this is the best place for a litter tray, so gradually move it from it's initial position until it's in the bathroom, or wherever you intend to keep it permanently.
    I wouldn't suggest using the bathroom as a safe place. It's hardly the place to leave a young kitten unattended, and hardly the place you will want to spend hours sitting with her to get used to your presence. Always, always keep the toilet lid down in case she wanders in the bathroom without your knowing!!
    Other members may have other suggestions too. I live in a small studio flat so am quite familiar with the problems a small place presents for pets.
    I look forward to seeing a photo or 2 of her very soon.:)
  3. Guancia

    Guancia PetForums Newbie

    Jul 30, 2020
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    Hey @Cully !

    First of all, thanks for taking the time!

    It's pretty much the same that i've been reading but it's nice to hear it from someone that, as me, doesn't have much space.
    I will set up a place for her in one of the corners of the apartment.

    Why wait for pictures when you can get one right away? Can't wait to meet her
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