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Just occured to me, how different a dogs thought process is.

One of the kids chairs is tucked under the coffee table (we don't have room for a dining table).

I moved it with my foot.

Dave looked at the chair like :confused: OMG what is happening.

Dixie looked at the chair, and at me, she knew it was me moving the chair.

If the dogs are on the bed and I move my feet under the covers-

Dave gets freaked out and I cannot get him to understand that it is me.

However Dixie does understand it is me and if I am lying on my front with my feet apart, she will step over one of my legs and lie between my feet/knees.

So how come one dog can understand it is me moving my legs/the chair without seeing me do it, and the other can't? ANd why can't I get Dave to understand the duvet isn't going to attack him, it's only my foot moving :lol:

ETA: just thought of another one- if I open the door to the back kitchen and the dog gate looks as if it is shut, Dave will stop about an inch away from it and wait for me to open it- whether it is locked or not.
Dixie will poke it to see if it is locked or not and will push it open and carry on through if it is not locked.

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Just the higher intelligence of the female ;) same in the human species! :D
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