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dogs attention

Discussion in 'Dog Training and Behaviour' started by puppymadness, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. puppymadness

    puppymadness PetForums Senior

    Aug 20, 2009
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    Hi just wondering if anyone can help me...

    Bella is 18 months old labxGSD, she is perfect in almost every way. in the house she is like the perfect dog listens to us, hardly barks not food aggressive and we leave her to roam the house when we are out and this works well for her. she is easy to teach and really likes to learn.

    When we go out she is still really good hardly pulls anymore on the lead she does get excited when she meets other dogs and doesnt realy listen to us. we took her to the vets yesterday an she was terrible got very very excited and looked like a mad uncontrolable dog! when she gets this excited she seems to blank us and not listen to us telling her to sit and stay even if in the house or with no distractions she wont move till we release her.

    I was wondering if anyone can think of ways i can teach her this maybe using a long line in park? i want to try other ways b4 obedience classes, as i work shifts so would not always be able to attend.

    Sorry for looong post and if it does not make sence.
  2. Montys_Mum

    Montys_Mum PetForums Member

    Jun 4, 2010
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    We use a long line as Monty isn't ready to go off lead yet.

    We have similar problems, he's great around the house and outside so long as there are no distractions. But we do find the long line helps, we call him and if he ignores us we give the long line a little tug, he turns around and bounds (well lollops lol) over to us for his treat.

    With other dogs around it can take a few calls and a few tugs, but he does eventually listen.

    We aren't ready to take him off lead yet, and whether he'd come back if we did that I am not sure. Until we don't need to tug the line he'll stay on long line if there are distractions (we have successfully dropped the line when there were no distractions and he recalled really well).

    We have been told he will calm down around other dogs as he gets older, I hope so! He tends to get rather frustrated if he can't go and say hello to other dogs. We vary it, we allow it sometimes but not all the time so he doesn't think he can see all dogs all the time. Things are gradually improving, so I guess it's a matter of patience lol (wish I had more of that hehehe)
  3. cris_r

    cris_r PetForums Junior

    Mar 19, 2008
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    Hi I have the same sort of problem and unfortunatley my girl is now four and a half. I remember posting a thread on here two years ago but did not get a response then,
    I belive her problem is a lost cause. I have her full attention when there is nothing to distract her and her recall is brilliant, getting her to heel is a bit of a problem she does like to walk ahead of me ( typical GSD )
    But out walking if another dog is heading towards us Im sure I could
    drop a brick on her head and she would not feel it or take her eye off the other dog,some times she wants to play but she can be a little rough other timesshe will just be nasty. She gets so excited when I am taking her for a walk I usually have to put her in the car as she will whine all around the house waiting for me to get ready. I have never had any major incidents I like to think I am always in full control its just a shame I can not walk her in my neighbourhood, I have to drive fifteen miles to the country side every day after work good job I only work in the mornings
    Im still hopeing she will grow out of it:):)
  4. hutch6

    hutch6 PetForums VIP

    May 9, 2008
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    I must be quite a strange dog owner in my area as the vast majority of dog owners put their dogs on a lead when they see mine or any other dogs. The leashed dog then pulls like mad to get to mine with the owner usually saying "He's ok he just gets a bit boysterous".
    Now I am not fussed about other dogs running over and playing with mine as it is just a natural thing for a dog to do - interact with members of it's species. Plus it gives me the perfect opportunity to teach my dogs to pay attention to me which pays off no end :D :D
    I explain to the dog owners witht he pulling at the leash dog that mine are all neutured and if they want to allwo the dog to play then they are most welcome as you can see that their dog is dying to have a good romp around. Sure enough they release the dog and they all go charging around in circles together and have a ball.
    I see it that their dog is never going to learn to ignore dogs if you don;t let it interact with some ever now and again which brings me on to the issue tyou are having with paying attention.

    You might have already been there and done that but training classes are fab for things like this. The dog is around other dogs but you are trainign your dog so your dog has to pay attention to you to ghet a reward whilst there are other dogs are around. Then during break times to give the dogs a bit of time off from trainign they get to play a bit. Then the dogs are brought back into training again before havign another play at the end. What more could you want?

    They get rewarded with treats for payign attention and sitting or lying down around other dogs.

    They get rewarded for their work by being able to play with other dogs.

    They then get rewarded with treats again by coming away from the dogs, paying attention and doing things.

    They get rewarded again for paying attention to you by being allowed to play witht he dogs again.

    Finally they get rewarded with treats for coming away so they can go home and get their tea.

    The best way I found to teach a dog not to run off after other dogs once they get into the habit is to get them back, praise them and then send them back to play again. Get them back, send them off to play again and keep doing that along with teaching recall over and over and over again.

    Obviously be aware of dogs that are dog aggressive or sexually active by asking owners if their dogs are ok with others or in season etc but we really shouldn't prevent dogs from interacting with eachother at in my view. They enjoy meeting new dogs just as we do with people.
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