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I've entered an event which states I should carry a dog first aid kit with me while taking part. Can anyone please tell me what a dog first aid kit should contain?

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I hold the National Certificate in Canine First Aid, this what I have

Pocket Emergency Kit (for out on long walks)

Melolin Non-adherent dressing

Soffban (padding)

Conforming bandage


Leg of tights for muzzle or tourniquet or to wrap up ears in case of injury

Urtica Urens/Apis Mel for stings (can use Piriton)

Tweezers (for thorns and splinters)

Instant Ice Pak

Sterile Saline solution pod (cleaning out wounds and eyes)

Vets phone number and mobile phone

Wire cutters in case dog gets caught in wire

A few crystals of Washing Soda (to induce vomiting if dog has ingested poison etc)

Main First Aid Kit (always kept in car)

More of the above

Tick remover

Windeze or Infacol (contains simethicone for bloat)

Glucogel and Manuka honey for weakness/collapse.

Superglue for cut pads

Intrasite gel (deep wounds)

Electrolytes, slippery elm and probiotics (for diarrhoea)

Aloe Vera Gel

Arnica (for pain) plus other homeopathic remedies


Dog Boot

Clingfilm (for burns/innards escape)

Foil Blanket (in case of shock)

Home extras
Worming Tablets

Flea/Tick treatment

Elizabethan Collar
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