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Dog walking

Discussion in 'Animal Jobs & Working with Animals' started by GeorginaRXx, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. GeorginaRXx

    GeorginaRXx PetForums Newbie

    Jun 13, 2019
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    Hiya I'm 16 and just left secondary school. I want to start working as a dog walker and so far have four years of experience with dogs (nervous and reactive ones too because I owned some) under my belt. Im going to be starting college in a couple months but before that I want to gain more experiences in working with animals. I own my own dog right now and he is a 28kg 6 month old Huskita puppy (he's tall in case anyone thinks he's obese haha) and he's a very strong pup who is capable of pulling up to 50kg when he wants to but I find it very easy to control him, I'm also able to walk an American Akita who can pull much more than 50kg, I don't know if that counts as good if I were to walk a large dog but I think it's good for people with big dogs.

    I wouldn't want to charge much because I'm not a professional at all and I'm not insured. I'm thinking of £6 for half an hour and £10 for an hour although I do love dogs a lot and would probably end up walking them for another hour for free .

    I would walk the dogs any time of the day unless it is deemed too hot for their breed or size because I know I can't take my own pup out at 27 degrees without him panting and becoming exhausted within the first half hour or so. I think my flexibility(until college) would be good for people who work full time and would like to have someone walk their dogs for however many hours they'd like as long as their dogs can handle it.

    I'd also take pictures for the owners and write down a sort of report on where the dog went, what happened and if something bad happened for example he trod on a thorn branch and now has a thorn in his poor paw. I walk my own pup 15km which me and him both love so Im hoping that would also be a plus for people with energetic dogs. I can also teach tricks and such because I've taught my own. So far he can weave, figure of 8, paw, high five, sit, laydown, cheer(basically sitting with both paws in the air), jump up and grab. I use positive reinforcement because that's the best type of training for all dogs(in my opinion) if you're teaching them little tricks like that. However aggressive and violent dogs would need a professional trainer but I'd still walk them

    i hope this wasn't too long and hopefully I could get answers on whether or not doing this job would be a good idea.
  2. Izzy95

    Izzy95 PetForums Member

    Oct 8, 2016
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    I don’t think you can get insurance at 16 so I don’t think it would work really, sorry. It all sounds great though!
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