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It's interesting how life throws you a curve ball sometimes (or should that be always?)
I run my own dog walking / pet sitting service, and seeing as how I don't drive, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to see if there was a market for doing solo dog walks in the area. I soon discovered there were a lot of people out there whose dogs had personality quirks or behavioural problems which meant they couldn't be walked in a group.
Most clients also own two dogs, so the 'solo dog walk' became a bit of a misnomer, and I once had to walk three dogs as a client was looking after a friend's dog and needed me to cover one walk!
Better market research may have been the way forward with this one, but live and learn, I say!

Please check out my website, Dog Walker / Pet Sitter based in South Manchester

I'm also on Facebook See A Man About A Dog | Facebook
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