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Hi everyone, I have an odd request to anyone who lives in MK and owns a dog. I am a university student, just finished my 2nd year (BSc Applied Animal Studies Degree), and I have the opportunity to carry out my dissertation research project over summer, which is great. I have my idea all set out, I have had it approved by the ethics committee. I just need the dogs.

First off I have to say I work for a company called Platinum Petcare (Dog walkers, Pet sitting, Pet sitters, Cat and dog sitters | Platinum Petcare), where I pet sit for people, walk their dogs, visit their cats etc. Been there for nearly 2 years now. Its a great alternative to boarding kennels, I have done an 8 week work experience at a kennel before and it has made me never ever want to use kennels ever, I wont go into why though. I have also been CRB checked and I am insured with Platinum Petcare.

So my idea, there have been many studies done on dogs, when I look through journals and articles I never really find any studies on how dogs react whilst their owners are away. Basically I need 20 dogs, horrible big number to do this on but it has to be a good number to make better results. Ideally the owners would be on holiday or something as this requires the dog/s to not see their owners for at least 6 days, the dogs would get regular walks from me, be fed etc, but I would also record (video) what the dog does after I have left. I want to carry out studies such as how long it takes the dog to calm down once I have arrived. But I am mainly looking at calming techniques as well, so the first couple of days I will just note the reactions of the dogs etc, then after a couple of days I will introduce calming techniques such as leaving the radio on and seeing if this does make a difference to how the dog reacts etc.

I figured that loads of people feel a bit mean or guilty when they leave their pets, so if I found a way to improve their welfare whilst owners are away, then this will do the world of good for dog owners.

It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have. As single housed dogs, paired dogs etc would make a good comparative study to what they each require and what works best.

My work said they would help but the thing is, you normally get clients that live close to you, so depending on where the client lives the closest petcarer will get the job. I think over my 2 years I have done about 10 different dog clients. They become regulars and I get them every time they book which is great to build that bond with them etc but I need more dogs for this project. So although my work is trying to help I don’t want to take other petcarers jobs away from them. So if you do book through Platinum Petcare can you quote Jacqueline Watts or ask for me, so I can look after your dog and carry out my study with your consent.

By booking through Platinum Petcare it means that, your petcarer will not be driving a marked car, so there is no advertisement that you are away to other people, we open/close your curtains so it looks like someone is in, we can also switch hall lights on at night etc, we take out rubbish, water your plants, collect your post and put it away from windows. But most importantly we love animals, so you know that your pet will have the one to one time that you would like to receive love and affection, be fed exactly what you want and be walked for as long as you’d like. We also leave daily Pet Reports, where we tick off our tasks to ensure they have been done, we also comment on how the visit went and what we got up to.

I would love the help as I am worrying that I may not be able to get the number of dogs I need in order to carry out my experiment.

Any concerns, problems or questions please feel free to message me on here. If you are willing and there are problems message me and I will try and help us sort it out.
To book through Platinum Petcare use website - Dog walkers, Pet sitting, Pet sitters, Cat and dog sitters | Platinum Petcare – this has the booking line, prices etc.

Although if you don’t want to be a part of my research project but you are going away or want your dog walked whilst your at work or something then seriously platinum petcare is a great service. It is a great alternative to kennels and cattery and your animal gets a lot more one to one time than it would get in a boarding kennel – with the great plus point of your animal suffering from less stress from being moved around as it will be looked after in its own home and envrionment. All it will have to miss is you. It will still get the love affection and daily routine it normally gets.

Oh and Platinum Petcare dont just cover the Milton Keynes area, they are up and down the country, see the website for the areas we cover. ;)

Also if you live in the Bancroft Park, Bancroft, Stantonbury and I think Bradville, then you may well of heard of my parents. William and Eve Watts, they are parish councillors for that ward.

Thanks for taking the time to read this essay and a half, I’m sorry its soo long, if you got this far congratulations and thank you. :laugh: If anyone can help though it would be fantasic and really help with my studies. :thumbsup:

Jay x
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