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Dog lymphoma

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by jcooke, May 25, 2019.

  1. jcooke

    jcooke PetForums Newbie

    Oct 29, 2010
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    On the 27 oct 2017 my much loved dog was diagnosed with lymphona . Options: euthanasia, steriods, chemo, america bone marrow transplant. Last option 14000 us dollars, 33% sucess rate plus travel costs plus the cost to the dog if failure and the cancer was much worse on return.
    What i wd dearly love someone to explain why why is this treatment nt available in the uk?
    So america no so my dog had nil chance of survival.
    The chemo on offer is simply to buy time not absolutely not any attempt at a cure. Which also grieves me.
    The chemo didnt go badly i wd have agreed to something a little tougher to gain a better chance for him but no one size fits al adjusted for weight. I want to know why this has to be so. Who sets the bar and is it ever reveiewed?
    Plus i messed up. I was given anti nausea tabs but stupidly thought only to use when he was unwell What a mistake. Chemo is either HOP or CHOP protocol. The latter is supposed to give 3-6mths remission and has one difference to the HOP dioxirubican. First injection of this dog fine for first 2 days racing round being naughty so didnt bother with pills and then was he ill cdnt even sleep. And to compound my stupidty i told the vet why? I dont no i just did. The vet took 33% of this chemo drug off him and wdnt reinstate quality of life issue.. So he only got a bare 3mths remission and i have a regret that will live with me forever.
    The vet also didnt ask to see the dog agin once the chemo finished up to me to decide when to go back but no explanation as to symptons to look for. Whoops i didnt no there were lymph nodes in the chest. Similary no explanation of symptoms of end of life - i did wonder about his failure to settle...
    So the dog in all this, very ill at times the second chemo 18 days out of the first 42 days not eating wasted but he enjoyed his 7 holidays in his last 14mths lots and lots of hill walks a month in france french mts, the monday before he passed on the friday a nine miler over a yorkshire fell thoroughly enjoyed. 8 too young to go and we miss him badly.
  2. rottiepointerhouse

    rottiepointerhouse PetForums VIP

    Feb 9, 2014
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    Sorry for your loss. I lost a rottie bitch to lymphoma back in 2009 she was only 6. Hers started with a huge lump near her groin. She had chemo for 6 weeks (oral and IV infusion) which she tolerated really well, when it dropped from weekly to fortnightly she went downhill quite rapidly and we had to put her to sleep. It was very upsetting but we called time as soon as she started to suffer. Some dogs seem to do really well after chemo and go on for a good amount of time but sadly some like your boy and my girl don't make it. Try not to have regrets and remember all the happy times you spent together on those walks.
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