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DOG HAS REALLY RED PAWS, what could it be?? (photos)

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Kola45, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Kola45

    Kola45 PetForums Newbie

    Nov 21, 2020
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    IMG_2237.jpeg IMG_2234.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    My 1 year old French bulldog has red itchy paws. I first noticed him chewing his paws two weeks ago. I could not see anything on his paws so thought he'd been watching the cat too much and is just copying her.

    He started to chew his paws a lot more frequently so I checked them out again.

    In-between a few of his toes there is red inflamed skin. One of his paws looks really alarming as its extremely red underneath and has dry blood around it. He chews all of his paws intensely so its obviously bothering him.

    I am going to take him to the vet next week as that is the only time I could get an appointment. Does anyone know what this could be or have seen something similar? Is it urgent? Shall I call for an emergency appointment? Is there anything I can do to sooth them until we get to the vets?
  2. Rafa

    Rafa PetForums VIP

    Jun 18, 2012
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    I don't believe it's an emergency.

    Often, dogs with allergies will bite their paws.

    It could be other things though, such as Demodex.

    See what your Vet has to say.
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  3. Nicola234

    Nicola234 PetForums Member

    Nov 10, 2020
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    Could be food related or one of my dogs used to get similar running on the beach x
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  4. fffd

    fffd PetForums Junior

    Apr 17, 2020
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    The paws look very sore. Lick granulomas can develope as a result of intense licking and chewing so the dog needs to be seen by a vet asap. Keep the paws clean by bathing in warm water. Some people use very dilute Hibiscrub. Dry thoroughly and make sure that the dog can't chew again by use of a buster collar.

    Dogs will lick and chew paws if they are in pain and this is probably why your dog is persistent. It's really important to get him comfortable so these things should never be left - they will only get worse. I hope you have seen the vet now and that the dog is more settled.

    The cause could be any one of a number of things. French bulldogs are notorious for skin problems so there may be a genetic element. Equally, it could be something environmental that is causing it. You need to be observant because you might find out yourself what is causing the problem. Paw chewing is not always due to to food intolerance but it can be a trigger. What are you feeding your dog?
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  5. Burrowzig

    Burrowzig PetForums VIP

    Feb 18, 2009
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    Looks like the dog is 'blue', and therefore genetically prone to skin issues.
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