Dog groomers - how do you work out pricing?

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    I have been running my dog grooming business for a few months now since I qualified with a City & Guilds Level 3. I am looking for some advice from more experienced groomers out there about how to work out pricing. A lot of groomers locally to me for example state a range of pricing (e.g. Westie £25 to £30). At the moment I am basing a £25 price on a groom that takes 1.5 hours. Is this about normal? And do you always go by time? for example, if a small dog took 2 hours, and you charged £30, would also charge £30 for a large dog which took 2 hours, or would you charge more for the larger dog?

    At the moment, I feel like I am on the side of under charging, by underestimating how long the dog will take when I see the dog and it gets dropped off - hopefully this will get better with experience?

    Any comments/advice welcome, thanks!
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