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Dog Education

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by tanzy, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. tanzy

    tanzy PetForums Newbie

    Apr 10, 2011
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    I always thought that I knew a lot about dogs and their training, however since I have joined this petforum I have been learning so much. I really have always enjoyed dogs and horses, but I have realized that there is a lot I still have to learn. I have been doing research on the internet and there sure seems to be a lot out there under all the many topics. Somethings are simple and some are more complicated, some just don't seem really accurate either. I have joined this forum to find out more about dogs and their needs. I want to find out how to best care for them too.

    I am interested in training dogs and teaching service dogs to be around kids with special needs. I have a daughter (10 yrs old) that has Cystic Fibrosis and she loves dogs a lot. She will gravitate to any dog she can. She has even a special hand with them, they seem to respect her. She loves to walk dogs and care for Grandmas' puppies. Even when she hadn't felt too good (due to pulmonary reasons -relating to her Cystic Fibrosis) she always finds enough strength to be with the dogs. My little sister (17 yr old) has started to train dogs, but lost interest. I know that there is a lot that goes into training -mainly the consistency factor, and I would like to pursue getting some information on hows the best way to start. I am thinking I will get a hypoallergenic dog *(maybe a larger poodle and get it trained) to be with my daughter to help sense different changes she has in her various health issues.
    My Daughter Valorie is currently in the hospital, she got pretty sick. For about 6 weeks she had been having severe headaches and pain killers weren't helping as well as they used to. She had seen 3 doctors and they all said there wasn't much they could tell me about the reason for the headaches. I had some people tell me she needed water, however she drinks a lot of water- maybe too much:), then people told me she may be allergic, and that came back negative as she only is allergic to dust mites and mold, which I have always been very careful about . We took her to an Ear, nose and throat specialist and it just came down to where they were going to put her on some antibiotics, however last Wednesday (April 6) she did a pulmonary function test and her levels of oxygen had dropped in 7 weeks to being 33%! That is bad.

    My theory is that the headaches were a result of low oxygen, and thus she was light headed etc. Does anyone know if I service dog would be able to sense that with time and training? I know that well trained dog can sense the changes in their buddy. Does anyone know much about if this is possible?
    Thanks for your time in reading this and I am sorry if this post is so long. :)


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  2. lucysnewmum

    lucysnewmum PetForums Senior

    Feb 25, 2010
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