Dog backpack/saddlebag recommendations

Discussion in 'Working & Sports Dogs' started by summer22, Feb 21, 2017.

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    I am looking for a small, lightweight dog backpack for a medium size dog (small-ish collie cross). It is only to carry her poo bags (and her bagged poo when necessary) whilst out running.

    I am hoping that a Canicrosser or runner will be able to help?

    She will only be wearing it for a couple of hours max so doesn't need a lot of capacity. It does need to be lightweight, breathable and fairly snug so the contents of the pockets don't bounce around whilst running.

    Most of the ones I have found online seem much too roomy for our needs and are designed more with all-day hiking in mind.

    She has quite a deep 'barrel' chest if that makes any difference?

    Many thanks!