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Dog attack results in shock vets bill of £7,000

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by lisa0307, May 5, 2010.

  1. lisa0307

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    Aug 25, 2009
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    Dog attack results in shock vets bill of £7,000

    A pet dog savaged by a bull mastiff standing guard at a minicab office has had its leg amputated – leaving its traumatised owner with vets’ bills nearing £7,000.

    Grandmother Christine Ibberson said the horror of the unprovoked attack back in December had inflicted more than physical scars.

    It happened as 63-year-old Mrs Ibberson, of Allerton, was walking past the taxi office in Thornton Road and its guard dog broke free from its collar.

    Mrs Ibberson, who was pushing her 11-month-old grandson in a pram at the time, tried to separate the dogs, but the guard dog would not be shaken off and bit her too during the half-hour attack.

    Alsation Jasmine was taken to the vets immediately where they tried to save her leg, but infection set in and the only option was to remove the left hind leg, said Mrs Ibberson.

    Jasmine spent more than a month at the vets, learning to walk on three legs.

    “Jasmine is coping better than me. The trauma goes on and is being made worse by a wrangle over the bills and insurance.”

    Police say they cannot prosecute because the dog, Tiger, had been chained up and was not listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

    The dog’s owner, cab driver Mabz Hussain, who said Tiger had broken free from a new collar, removed him from the premises and agreed to pay Mrs Ibberson’s veterinary bills.

    However, Tiger is now back at the cab office surrounded by a new fence and Mrs Ibberson says neither her nor her insurance company have heard from Mr Hussain.

    She added: “He probably never thought it would have cost so much, but neither would I.

    “Even an offer towards paying the bills would be nice.

    “My insurance company isn’t paying out because they say I’ve got recourse to get damages from elsewhere. I feel so frustrated.

    “I was walking with my dog on a lead with insurance that I’ve had since we got her nine years ago and then this happens and I’m left to foot the bill myself.”

    When the Telegraph & Argus contacted Mr Hussain to ask if he would still help to pay for Jasmine’s treatment, he said: “I’m in a bit of a situation.

    “Tiger’s an all right dog, you know. He comes to work just two or three days a week but I never leave him alone.

    “I haven’t had any letters from the lady’s insurance company – they must have got the wrong address.”

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