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Does my kitten need a friend?

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Helen1811, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Helen1811

    Helen1811 PetForums Newbie

    Jun 25, 2018
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    Heya! My husband and I have had our lovely kitten for just over 5 weeks now - he is 13 weeks old. Reading through some other posts, I feel that we have had it extremely easy in terms of his interaction with humans, feeding and litter tray behaviour.

    Our kitten, Ralph, is a Norwegian Forest and British Short Hair Cross. He came to us very well socialised and fully litter trained. He also came to us from a family of 3 children, 2 parents, both his (feline) parents, 4 siblings and 2 other fully grown cats. I had my mother in law come over for the first couple of weeks for an hour a day (Mon-Fri) while we got him used to things, but she hasn't been over for about a week now.

    He is an incredibly sociable kitten, I've never known a kitten or cat like him in my life, and really playful too. When we are home, he follows us everywhere, we've only just been able to get him to accept that we won't have him in our room at night - although we have only fully enforced this for the last few nights, I do feel like I woke up because of his crying less last night and the night before. The difficulty is that we are out during the day at work so he is on his own. When I get home from work, he climbs all over me, but mostly as near to my face as he can get and has to be moved away from licking my face for about 10 minutes before he'll settle down - it's like when a dog greets you at the door and is really excited by the sight of you. I don't mind his level of affection at all, I chose this breed because I have known them before and know them to be really pleasant cats, but not quite as full on as my lovely little Ralph :Shamefullyembarrased

    So I've given some background on what he's like and so on. What I'd like some insight on is whether or not the general consensus is that he would benefit from having a second cat in the house? We would try for another Forest Cat or Shorthair of the same sort of age as him. We would like another cat in the future anyway and it would probably be best to get one now whilst Ralph is young enough to accept him, but I would like to seek some advice first as it is an expensive decision to make so I want to be fully informed.

    He's a delightful little thing and has enhanced our home no end, I just want to make sure he's enjoying being with us as much as we're enjoying having him here and that he's living as good a life as we can give him :)
  2. Summercat

    Summercat PetForums VIP

    Oct 8, 2017
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    In my view, if you have the space, it is good for a kitten to grow up with another kitten. You would need to be sure that as they grow you have extra litter trays, space for them to climb and get away from each other if they wish but generally I have seen good experiences when kittens are raised together.
    It gives them a play and tumble buddy. I have known adult cats to still enjoy each other's company when raised together , young adults often play like kittens and have bonds.
    Why not look to a rescue. There will be lots of kittens now, with vacs, worming etc. if in shelter or a shelters foster care, the staff or fosters can help you choose a kitten to suit your current kittens personality.
  3. SuboJvR

    SuboJvR Joey’s Mummy

    Mar 28, 2018
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    I think it’s a difficult one but he’s probably a good age to accept a new kitten.

    I just wanted to say though please reconsider shutting him out of your room for a little longer. He’s still a baby and he was taken from his mum too soon - you are mum now - and if he is alone during the days too that’s a lot of time (days + overnight) that he is being asked to amuse himself. I know it’s a pain in the bum being woken up in the night but it’s part of having a baby kitty IMO and goes with the territory (like a baby human)! It’s lovely he is so friendly and sociable now, but these weeks are still crucial to how he continues to socialise :)

    Id also be mindful of “cross” breeds as the majority of the time this is (back yard) breeders trying to pass moggies off as something worth more. I fell foul of this, allegedly my Joey is a Siberian cross but I’ve learned my lesson now. People who have pedigree cats don’t usually end up with accidental litters, and they’ll seek to breed within the pedigree (so end up with pure Norwegian forest). Most reputable breeders would also never let a kitten go now at 8 weeks and would be waiting till 12-13. So just watch for these things with a new kitten if you do go down that road :)
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