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Dirty nostril?

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by BlackroseUK, May 10, 2012.

  1. BlackroseUK

    BlackroseUK PetForums Member

    Jan 28, 2008
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    I have noticed latley some reddish brown discharge coming from my cats left nostril. I think it only seems to be the left one and I can't see a scratch or if it's coming from the actual nostril or not. It seems to be though more along the edge of the nostril to the side if you know what I mean.

    She rubs it now and then, mainly in the morning and sometimes wipes it off but its back pretty quick. I havnt found any blood or splattering anywhere and havnt seen it in liquid form on/in her nose.

    She rubbed it this morning when she got up and sounded like she was trying to sneeze a couple times and weeks ago she had the odd sneezing fit.
    Sometimes the left side of her nose looks a bit darker.

    This is the same cat who is (still) limping now and then on her back left leg I think it is. And she is still playing, eating etc...no loss of appetite whatsoever.
    Her bloods are all fine for her liver, kidneys, blood sugar. I domt know if pre op bloods can rule out other conditions tho such as cancer, colds or URI?

    I'm planning on ringing the vet but really don't wsnt to take her up again so soon after her being up there so much latley and getting stressed out. Edlecially as there's no way to tell without X-rays etc of MRI of heart or neurological problems, and they gotta put her under and keep her in for that.
    She still has what looks like stomach spasms a lot where her chest looks like it spasms out when she breathes. I'm hoping it's all related to just something stuck up the nostril and the limping is an unrelated sprain. But shouldn't the sprain be over by now? The limping shoulve stopped?
    I read with one type of cat URI they can limp, but usually only lasts a week and they usually have a one nostril discharge with it,,,but then a loss of apetite too which she does not have at all. Only the nostril and limping thing...which has been a few weeks now. The vet didn't mention anything last few times about the nose and I ddnt notice it right away but coudlve always been there.

    Do your cats have constant dirty noses on one side? It's quite worrying to me that both the back left leg and the left nostril are affected at the same time.
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