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diet and yeast infection

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by HunterY, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. thatbullieboy

    thatbullieboy PetForums Newbie

    Oct 18, 2017
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    I hope I'm not too late to put in my half hap'th on this subject!
    You have my full sympathy. I have a 17mth old white EBT who first went to the Vet with bothersome ears in Aug, Sept & Oct ....to finally diagnose a yeast infection.
    After researching online about Y.I's, it soon became apparent that the food we'd been advised to feed our boy after his bout of colitis was probably contributing to an overgrowth of yeast for him (fish & potato Hypo)
    Many here have already mentioned about the use of potato in kibble in place of wheat/grains: this starch can for some (canine and human!) convert to sugar, and Candida goes into overdrive.
    We now have our boy on a homecooked diet (human grade lean minced beef/veg/bit of rice). We add multi vits, calcium, salmon/hempseed oils and, very importantly, pre & probiotics.
    We've also read a bit about Kefir and he has a slug of that each day too. He looks very good on it, both size (v. muscular) and skin/coat.
    The yeast seems to have calmed down a lot, although fair to say we do have an occasional flare up with a gunky, itchy ear. Because we're adding individual ingredients, any newbies that cause him to scratch gets dropped, carrots (the sweeties!) being the latest victim.
    Home cooking isn't for all and I'm constantly beating myself up worrying that I'm getting it right. If there were a complete food that I could buy that would keep my boy comfortable.I'd def.give it a go. I'm now just wanting to stabilise him for now so that we don't upset his gut/skin by introducing foods that don't work for him. Think we'll be adding tasters from a tin of Butcher's Tripe to see how he copes with that, as that might be the way to go for us (see others have mentioned this too).
    Good Luck with getting your boy's yeast under control. I know what a nightmare it is. x
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