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Did fate (or something) bring your dog to you?

Discussion in 'Dog Chat' started by emmaviolet, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. emmaviolet

    emmaviolet PetForums VIP

    Oct 24, 2011
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    I got to thinking after I saw a member describe her new puppy as 'the dog fate bought to me'.

    Every dog we have had has had one of those moments where we may not have ended up with them, but thankfully we did.

    With Alfie, I looked at so many breeders and was put down for a puppy from another breeder, but I couldn't get these two blue bitches I had seen on another breeders website. They were stunning and had a quality about them I adored. I kept looking at their photos and admiring them, finally my Mother to me to just phone her. So I phoned her up and asked if she had any litters from these two planned as I really admired them as I would love a blue boy. She said no but the breeder they were from had a litter at the moment with two blue boys for sale and it was a repeat mating of the litter she got her two bitches from. So one of those boys was Alfie, who is so very very similar to his sister who I kept looking at.

    With Billy, we had lost our Ben and finally decided to get another rough puppy. This was in the time before online ads and we got an exchange and mart :eek: to look at the puppy ads. We called a few but they were all taken, I pointed out an ad and said phone them to my Mother, she said we had already phoned them and there was none, I was sure that we hadn't and kept on to phone, she did and the answer was they only had blue merles (we wanted a sable) so my Mum went to say no, but I said why not a blue this time? Everyone was unsure in the family but I said, no it would be good to have one. My Mum said he was most likely the runt as he was the only one left, well I have never seen a more stunning puppy walk out to us. The most gentle and loving boy ever and a great chunk of a puppy. When he walked out my Mum said, no that's not ours. he must be her one!:) As a side note, she was a lovely breeder, just that's where they advertised at that time!

    Then Ben was a dog not planned but returned to the breeder as he was a handful of a puppy. When they phoned for a dog to be put on a list she asked if they wouldn't mind a slightly older puppy as he was given back. Many happy years with him.
    There are more, but this is quite long enough!:eek:

    So what are your stories that bought your dogs into your life? Were there situations where you may not of got your dog had you gone down another path?
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  2. Sarah1983

    Sarah1983 PetForums VIP

    Nov 2, 2011
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    I'm still not sure how I ended up with a Labrador lol. I've not been keen on the vast majority of Labs I've met and it's not a breed I'd ever even considered owning. Yet somehow I have Spendog and wouldn't be without him.

    Perhaps Rupert had something to do with it ;) Whenever he was being an arse about other dogs I used to say to him "oh why can't you be a nice friendly Labrador!" lol. (I know not all Labs are social butterflies but most of the ones I've met have been.)
  3. emmaviolet

    emmaviolet PetForums VIP

    Oct 24, 2011
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    Aw bless, once they are there, you just can't imagine not having them in your life!

    I did laugh at what you used to say to Rupert! :)
  4. cravensmum

    cravensmum PetForums VIP

    Jun 28, 2010
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    My last dog was put to sleep on a monday aged 13,on the tuesday I was feeling lost not having a dog to walk and I ended up in Pets @ home.

    I wasn't looking for another dog,I'm not sure what I was doing in there.

    I looked on their noticeboard for the first time ever and there were loads of puppies for sale.I knew I didn't want a puppy.

    Then in the middle of the board surrounded by all these puppies was a 1 year old Foxhound looking for a new home.

    I have always loved scenthounds and spent a fair bit of time around hunts when I was younger.

    I phoned the owners up and they were only 10 miles away so I went to see Craven.

    It took me a few days and a trial weekend before I decided to take him.

    But a week and a bit later he was home.

    After a bit of research after he came home I discovered I was his 7th home in the first year of his life.

    I have had him over 3 years now.
  5. newfiesmum

    newfiesmum Banned

    Apr 21, 2010
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    I think three of my dogs have definitely been fated to come to me. Firstly, Sammy, my golden retriever. I started off with a list of breeders from the kennel club, phoned the nearest, got told they had no pups but given the number of another breeder they knew well, and so on...........this went on through about four different breeders till I phoned the last one. She had in fact sold all her pups, but this one cream boy had been returned because the day after taking him home, the new owner had suffered a heart attack. Her family had brought the pup back to the breeder. He was three months old and gave us 14 years of devotion.

    Ferdie was a similar scenario. When I lost Sammy and told someone in the showing world I wanted a newfoundland, she said to look for something with Merrybear in the background as they had lovely temperament and bone structure. God bless the internet! I found Ferdie, the last pup of the litter who had been kept back to have a hernia operation. Again he was three months old and we fell in love.

    I went back to the same breeder for my darling Joshua, but he didn't survive past three years old. When I lost him, they breeder just happened to be looking for a pet home for Diva as she couldn't breed from her. Just at the time when Ferdie desperately needed cheering up, there she was. If that wasn't fate, I don't know what was.
  6. Zaros

    Zaros Pet Forums, P/resident Evil

    Nov 24, 2009
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    Oscar brought himself to us when we decided to get a companion for Zara.

    Of the eight 3 month old pups we went to view Oscar was the ony one of the bunch who didn't make a run for the horizon when the breeder allowed the youngsters out of their cage.

    Enclosed is a photo of Oscar the very time we set eyes on each other.

  7. Lilylass

    Lilylass PetForums VIP

    Sep 13, 2012
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    Maisie - well I actually went to see a totally different dog :eek: it was one the breeder thought would make a good pet BUT she still had to have another litter of pups so it could've been up to a year before I could've had her :eek:

    Anyway, we went for a look and Maisie was in the living room with her litter of pups - she jumped on the sofa beside me, tucked her nose in between my chin and shoulder and just gazed at me with her big brown eyes ...... her breeder laughed and said "think she's decided you're taking her"

    I'd fallen in love with her before I even met the other dog :eek: (who is also very nice and who've I've said we'd be delighted to have should she ever decide to rehome her - however, she's doing really well in the ring just now so it's unlikely I think)

    Had to wait a few weeks until the pups were weaned and away to their new homes - felt like forever .... but worth the wait!:D
  8. LolaBoo

    LolaBoo PetForums VIP

    May 31, 2011
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    With Apple our friend was going to adopt a dog from romania so we spoke about it and decided yes another small breed would be lovely for us and Lola, so we had a look and there was some gorgeous little dogs on there, but then i passed Apples photo and did a double take, we spoke and decided on her shes by far not a small dog but her eyes spoke to me it was like her picture was talking to me
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  9. simplysardonic

    simplysardonic Moderator
    Staff Member

    Sep 1, 2009
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    With Bob, definitely, if my OH hadn't decided to go night fishing that night, he would never have met the bloke who wanted shot of his dog, & he could have ended up anywhere. I think Bob had a guardian angel that night, & that angel brought me a new friend, so it worked out well :)
  10. lostbear

    lostbear Bear right at Newcastle . . .

    May 29, 2013
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    Sophie was a gift from God.

    I got a phone call from a guy who'd bought a puppy out of the only litter we'd ever had, 14 years before. He and his wife had separated, and she had kept the dog. He had bought another one and had had her a week and was sick of her. She cried all night, and when he came back home having been out all day, she'd pee'd and poo'd everywhere. She was ours if we wanted her. He didn't want anything for her - just wanted rid.

    At the time we had five dogs and three cats, and I felt I couldn't manage another, so I thanked him and told him sorry - I had enough on my hands. Then he said, "That's okay - I'll just stick her in the free paper - someone'll take her!" I thought "NO! She could go anywhere - they could be anyone! What if they breed her into the ground etc etc etc?" SO I told him that I would take her and find her a home, if that was alright with him, and we collected her the next day.

    Well, he'd had her a week and she had supposedly been seven weeks when he got her. No way was that true. She was tiny, and her teeth weren't even through. The top of one of her ears was missing, she was terrified of him, and wouldn't go near my husband. When we heard where she'd come from we weren't surprised - the guy was a notorious puppy dealer.

    Anyway, I took the poor little mite home, and started to build her up - got some Whelpie, and lots of nice things that wouldn't upset a baby tummy. She rarely came out from under the settee when she was in the living room, even though Snowey (our old mammy dog) and Paco (our big cat) cuddled her in all the time and washed her. She was full of worms and had fleas. That meant we had to treat everyone in the house - it was a bit of a bugger. At night she slept on our bed, cuddled up to Snowey and the cats, but she was very very nervous, and wouldn't come out to anyone except me - actually screamed and cowered or ran if my son or husband went anywhere near her.

    Meanwhile I had put up adverts in the vet's, and an online blanket e-mail at work (I worked in a university, so it went to hundreds of people) saying I had a young pedigree WHT puppy needing a home. She would be ready in a month, but there would be no papers with her. Donation for Dogs Trust. I got no response.

    After a fortnight or so, she began to come creeping out from under the settee when we ere sitting quietly watching telly. It took a long time for her to trust my husband, and she was just beginning to settle, and I realised that she had been through hell in her few weeks of life, and that I wasn't prepared to disrupt that by passing her on to anyone else, no matter how wonderful they were.

    I TOLD Mr lb we were keeping her (not often I do that - usually I say "Would you mind if . . . . "). The next day (believe it or not), someone answered my e-mail saying was she still available. I told them sorry, no. Had it come the day before, I would probably have let her go. She's the greatest joy and comfort in my life, I love her so much. She's eight now, and I's so glad we didn't part with her.

    Another co-incidence - shortly after we'd decided to keep her I met a lady with a spaniel puppy when we were out for a walk. We got chatting and she said "I nearly got a westie - there was a girl at work looking for a home for one, but I'd been on holiday, and when I got in touch, the pup had gone" Yes - you are right! It was the person who'd e-mailed me - we still meet occasionally on our walks.
  11. penguin

    penguin PetForums Senior

    Jan 2, 2013
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    Simba was pts on the 18th march 2012, I was absolutely lost without him. He'd already been in the vets for a week and it was horrible coming home to an empty house. The sunday we lost simba also happened to be mother's day and even though we felt awful we didn't want to let the mother in law down and went out for a late lunch and decided to stop at a dog rescue centre on the way home. It was shut but they had a staffie in called shadow and they would give us a ring the next day.

    That evening I was searching the internet and found a staffie advertised on gumtree, fell in complete love with him and went to see him the next day and he was meant for us. The rescue centre then rang us but as we'd decided to take Dexter we weren't wanting two dogs so we said no. Dexter came to live with us and then 10 months later we took shadow (now Lexie) home too!!
  12. idobelieveinfairies

    Jul 31, 2012
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    I 100% believe that it was fate that brought Sadie to our family and to me.

    She was bought by a lady ten miles away, family of family if that makes sense, along with her litter sister. The lady who bought her was also pregnant with child number 3 at the time she got these 2 doodle pups from a local breeder!! Crazy!! At 7-8 months, she decided she couldnt cope with 2 teenage doodles and their high energy levels. Sadie had the highest energy and exercise needs, and so she was sold to my auntie. My auntie already had a dog, and they became great friends. When Sadie was almost 3 years old, my auntie and uncle were offered an over 50's council flat. They could only take the one dog with them, and decided that their first dog, who was a rescue, and more reserved with strangers, needed to go with them, and Sadie would be rehomed. She didnt want to put Sadie in a rescue as she was a member of the family. So my cousin, her daughter, took Sadie in so my auntie could still see her and walk with her regularly.

    We used to go for walks with my auntie and the two dogs, and had told her a few times we would of took Sadie in a heartbeat had she not already said she was going to my cousin. She couldnt go above her own daughters head to give Sadie to us though so we were resigned to the fact that she wasnt going to be ours. We truly never thought we had a chance.

    3 or 4 weeks after Sadie moved house, my cousin decided she wasnt the owner for her. She said she couldnt bond with her as she would never feel like her dog like a puppy would!! I found this out on the phone, from my mum, as I was sat outside a house half an hour from home, seconds from getting out and knocking on the door to go and meet another dog in need of a home. My mum rang just as I was about to get out the car, to tell me that she thought my cousin was going to rehome Sadie. I put the phone down instantly, and rang my auntie who said she had forgotten I wanted Sadie, and to ring my cousin to say I was having her. I rang my cousin who wanted Sadie picked up asap. This was about 8pm on a weekday evening. I apologised to the owners of the dog we meant to meet, and bombed in the other direction straight away to collect Sadie there and then. We have never looked back and I havnt regretted having her for one second. That was 2 years and 9 months ago. I suffered from depression at the time, and still have an anxiety disorder. Sadie saved me and I cant imagine life without her. xxxx
  13. DirtyGertie

    DirtyGertie PetForums VIP

    Mar 12, 2011
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    I wasn't going to have a dog, had two in the past, been without for about 12 years due to work commitments and no thoughts of having another one.

    My son and d-i-l added a second dog to their household, a Bichon pup to join their manic (but lovable) labradoodle. I thought they were mad but she was cute, fluffy and gorgeous - awwwwww!

    Son - "breeder has got two left".
    Me - "We don't want a dog".
    Son - "She's got a boy and a girl".
    Me - "We're not thinking of having a dog but if we did it would have to be a girl".
    Son (a couple of days later) - "You having the puppy then?"
    Me - "We weren't considering having a dog".
    Son - "Shall I ring and see if she's still got the girl?"
    Me to Hubby - "Shall we have her?"
    Hubby - "Have her if you want her"
    (Hubby was terminally ill and knew he didn't have much more than a year to live)
    Me - "It's not just my decision"
    Hubby - "She'll be company for you when I'm gone"
    Me - "But you're here now so it has to be a joint decision"
    Hubby - "OK, let's have her".

    By now it was almost a week after my son had brought his pup home. We did a trial run with son's puppy and our cat, everything OK. He rang breeder and she only had the girl left so we arranged to go and see her the next day and brought Poppy home.

    So I hold my hands up, we did it all wrong, we did no research as it was unplanned, didn't get to pick our pup from the litter as she was the only one left. But it's the best thing I've ever done :).

    She is nervous of a lot of things like sudden noises, people she doesn't know, dogs she doesn't know that come running up, but she has lots of special dog and human friends who she gets on great with. She's not a cuddly lap dog but she always wants to know where I am. She got me through a difficult time when hubby passed away, no hiding away for me, I had to go out because she needed walking. I've met a whole load of new people and made some lovely dog walking friends who I wouldn't have got to know if it hadn't been for Poppy. Life would be very different without her, I can't imagine not having her.
  14. littleangel01

    littleangel01 PetForums VIP

    Jul 3, 2011
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    i like to think lexi was ment for me. id just moved in to a flat a good distance awy from my family in an area i didnt know. being a council tower block it was a pretty bad place to be the cops would be there most nights. i only left the flat to go to work the rest of the time would just ly on the sofa :( became very depressed. my mom desided to get me a dog (my lab cross had been stolen two years befor) but each time she answerd an ad and made arrangements we were let down by the people selling the pups seemed most just wnted the money so let them go asap. then a lady phoned as her brother needed to rehome his 16week old pup as they couldnt cope with her and a 16week old baby (he had brought the pup as a present for the baby) they didnt want any money for her. when we got there she was the strangest thing in the worl :) skinny with long legs and ears two sizes to big. badly treated (hit locked up never tken out ect) and was scared of everyone. three years later and 1000s pounds worth of damage to my house and i wouldnt be with out her :D

    i wasnt looking for another dog when i found rio lexi was just a year old and a nightmare wehn i went to see a cat my mate was buying. as she and the lady sat talking i played with a loverly 16 week old three legged bull lurcher pup. i was shocked to learn she was going to be pts :( she and the rest of the litter hd been abandond in a box her leg was badly broken and couldnt be saved. but noone wanted a three legged bull lurcher and the only rescues who had space were once who pts. so i brought her home :) she turned in the the most loving dog i had ever met loved to learn and loved everyone. she became ill at 1year and i lost her when she was 15months :(

    chaos i was ment to have a diffrent girl a lovely dark brindle and white but her temp wasnt right and the breeder felt she would do better in a house with no other dogs or an older person/couple as she was very scared of everything (no idea why she was raised with dogs and kids and was only one of litter to be like it) shes doign well in her new home. chaos was ment to go to a working home but they couldnt have her breeder was going to keep her but they were already keeping two out the litter so i was offerd her instead :)
  15. xxzeezeexx

    xxzeezeexx Guest

    Funny this thread should appear.
    I went to visit a rescue yesterday with the OH. We are not quite ready to sign on the dotted line for a dog as we are going on holiday in 2 weeks and rescues don't reserve animals for 3 weeks, understandably. We had a rare morning off together and wanted to just get out the house. Figured we could go to a rescue just to meet some dogs and we could do a few visits and not rush.
    I like staffys, not my abso fave but considering how many there are in rescues I wanted to adopt one. To begin with my OH didn't like them due to the image they give but after me wheedling a bit he relented and said he would consider one.
    There was a rottie (Roxy) there who looks gorgeous but when I asked if she was good with cats it was a definite no. There was a staffie (Beau) who was said to have lived with cats previously. They also had another rottie (Mercy) who hadn't yet been tested with cats but I wasn't keen on her from the picture.
    Well they brought Beau out first and we took him for a little walk. He had a lovely coat and even my OH said he liked the look of him. However they took him to the cattery and he showed a little too much interest in the cats. So then they brought Mercy in to the cattery.
    The picture did not do her justice. An absolutely beautiful animal. Bold and distinct tan markings, small neat snout. Longish smooth fur. With an intact tail! (we both said if we got a rottie s/he would have to have a full tail).
    Didn't show much interest in the cats, even when one swiped and hissed at her then ran away. She came over, sat on my feet and looked up at me.
    We took her for a walk. She's fully grown though seems quite small compared to other rottweilers I've met but she's strong as an ox. We sat on the grass and she snuggled in between us and rolled on her back for belly rubs.
    I'm lost. Smitten :D
    I hadn't wanted to get an animal from the RSPCA as I'd had poor experiences with the staff before. This is a different branch though and they were all friendly.
    Mercy hasn't had much interest and has even moved branches in an attempt to help home her. Neither me nor my OH can see why.

    We explained about our circumstances and I said to the person with whom we were discussing Mercy that if its meant to be its meant to be.

    If she is still looking for a home the day before our hols we'll ask if they can reserve her for us. Fingers crossed.
  16. Ruffers

    Ruffers PetForums Senior

    Oct 27, 2011
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    Many years ago my then partner and I decided to get a dog. We decided we wanted to get a rescue and as his family had a male dog we thought a female would be best. We wanted a pup or very young dog and had a name picked out, Freya.

    One afternoon we decided to visit a few local rescue centres. No one had really jumped out at us and we decided to try one last place.

    When we got there we met the centre manager who gave us a real grilling before asking us what sort of dog we were after. We told her what we'd like and she said that the youngest female she had was a whippet cross and did we want to meet her?

    We hadn't really considered a whippet but said we would like to meet her. The manager called over a member of staff and told her to "bring up the whippet!".

    The first thing I noticed were her beautiful brown eyes...and then the manager said "This is Freya".

    I said we'll take her!

    The manager told us to take some time to get to know her but I knew she was meant for us... She had a few issues but she turned into beautiful, elegant lady :001_wub:
  17. thedogsmother

    thedogsmother PetForums VIP

    Aug 28, 2008
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    Henrick was planned, we had just lost his predecessor Chance and the house was really empty, we went to choose the dog from the litter, the breeder showed me the pups that were available and I couldn't stop looking at one pup from the pile of unavailable pups, we had almost chosen our pup when the breeder realised one pup was missing, it was the pup I had been gazing longingly at :D, I said I wanted him before I had even held him, I still don't know what drew me to him, so maybe it was Chance steering me in the right direction.

    Bella was definately fate, she belonged to an acquaintance who was known for poor animal care and disposing of animals regularly. True to form she asked me if I knew of anyone wanting a dog, so I found a lovely home for her. It lasted a night before they asked me to collect her due to severe allergies. I contacted my aquaintance to say I had the dog again, I was bringing her back to them and I would look for another home for her. They told me to tie her up in the garden and they would report her as a stray :mad:. She came home for a night till I could find her a home, after two weeks we knew she wasn't going anywhere :D.
  18. BessieDog

    BessieDog PetForums VIP

    May 16, 2012
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    If Bingley hadnt died so suddenly, a shock to all of us, I wouldn't have been looking for a pup when I did.

    Long story cut short, we'd decided on an Irish Setter. I looked around to see if there were any litters available. There were two, and I contacted the breeders.

    One was a good kennel. They had two litters just born, about a week apart. A proper show kennel, and the breeder was waiting until the pups grew before deciding which to keep to bring on. She usually kept a dog and bitch from each litter, but as she had two litters so close together she wasn't sure she would keep all four pups. She said all other pups reserved, and she take my number and maybe call me if she decided not to keep both bitches.

    I'm am impatient person, and I didn't want to hang on for weeks when there might not even be a pup at the end of it. So I rang the other breeder. Thie was the breeder's first litter. The pups were being brought up, in the house, as part of the family. We went to see the litter who were 4 1/2 weeks old. Only two bitches - we saw Bess and put a deposit down there and then.

    A week later the first breeder rang to say I could have the bitch she didn't want. :rolleyes:

    I could have had a proper 'show' dog if I'd been more patient (albeit one the breeder didn't think quite as good as the one she kept), but I'm so pleased with Bess. If Bess ever does do anything in the show ring it will be agInst all odds (she's turned out a nice example of the breed, but pup A would have been from a known kennel).

    Probably not the best way to go about things, but Bess is just what we wanted. :D
  19. emmaviolet

    emmaviolet PetForums VIP

    Oct 24, 2011
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    There's been some amazing stories here of how we all ended up with our wonderful dogs and some very emotional ones too that made me tear up.

    Wonderful stories so far.
  20. Barcode

    Barcode PetForums Senior

    Mar 7, 2011
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    Well, Scrabble was v. much planned, so no. We knew we wanted a second dog and had vague plans to wait until Scrabble was around 2+. Then, one day, a news story about two abandoned Staffy pups that had been found over in Liverpool, in a bucket of bleach that had burned off their fur and left them partially sighted, popped up in my FB newsfeed. The story from the rescue had HUNDREDS of replies all offering to call/rehome.

    OH called, had a chat, and it turned out that, on the basis of sounding sensible and realistic about it (we were prepared for her to lose an eye originally!), we were the first people invited to meet the pups. The rescue said that as they made their way through the list of offers too many hadn't really thought it through.

    So, off we went to see if they would pass the Scrabble test (knowing that if Scrabble had one of her barking episodes that would be it), and upon entering the room, Maggie and Matilda clambered all over us, Scrabble, and took puppy sized chunks out of Scrabble's fur whilst playing (!) ... all with Scrabble seeming happy.

    A week later, Matilda came home.

    From THIS:



    To this,


    And sleeping with Scrabble the other day (they have quite a close bond now).


    No more dogs for a good while though!
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