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So today is day 3 of Tails being locked in her crate and im knackered!! She is so full of energy that she isnt sleeping at night properly, i dont know what time in the morning i got up because she was barking, i got up let her out, put her back in her crate and went back upstairs to bed, as soon as i got next to the bed the barking started again so i ended up having to sleep on the sofa next to her with her in her crate so everyone got some sleep, exept me that is it was cold and she was whining for hours! I was ignoring her she needs to know that at bedtime she only gets let out for the toilet but she kept me awake and i was cold under my snuggly blanket so sleep was non existent really.

She has bones, pork crackles, im cooking nice things up to pop in her kong several times a day and today im going to be researching mind games to play with her. Ive been using baby socks to make toys to attach to her crate but she honestly seems bored with everything im giving her!

Ive been letting her out for cuddles on the sofa but she is being very nippy so its not lasting long :rolleyes: If she would just lie with me on the sofa she wouldnt have to be in her crate all day.

Feeling a little mean on our other dog to as he is being shut upstairs so that he isnt annoying Tails and making her want to play and bark all the time.
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